Dismemberment Plan @ FAA [8/11/12]

Just some pics for now. My full set is at Flickr.

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The Dismemberment Plan @ Metro Gallery [8/10/12]

Last night was the first night of two small, low key shows on the East Coast by the reunited The Dismemberment Plan. If you’ll recall, the band first reunited in early 2011, and played a series of shows that spring and summer before finishing up at last year’s Pitchfork Fest. After that last show, the band kinda disappeared again, without announcing whether the reunion would continue or not.

Then, about a month ago, the band announced two low-key shows in Baltimore and Fredericksburg, VA. Full disclosure — I’m on the board of Fredericksburg All Ages, the all ages venue they’re playing in Fredericksburg, along with Eric Axelson from the band — so I’ve known for a while that they were considering doing some additional shows. My understanding, however, was that they were just doing shows “for fun.”

Well, last night seems (to me, at least) to have proven that these weren’t just “fun” one-offs. The band was sporting almost entirely new gear, and, most importantly, played seven new songs.

I’ll need to hear the songs again tonight to have a better opinion, but I liked everything they played. One thing that definitely stood out is that Travis’ vocal delivery on these songs are much, much more similar to his vocals on his more recent solo output than with early D Plan material. His singing is, by and large, pretty straight-forward without the various tics and woops and hollers of earlier D Plan songs. The songs too seem to be a little more straightforward, but — vitally — with some absolutely amazing musicianship underlying it, including some absolutely killer bass and drum lines from Eric and Joe, and some great guitar freakouts from Jason. This is definitely a more mature D Plan, but it’s still the D Plan.

I didn’t get many song titles (I’ll try to get them tonight), but in the order they were played, my order of preference was: 6, 7, 5, 1, 3, 2, 4. I think. Now I just need to get a setlist to figure out what’s what.

Anyway, those are just some quick thoughts. Check out some pics below. Hopefully I’ll get some better ones tonight.

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Some Concert Pics

Some of my favorite recent concert pics, taken with my new camera. Nothing professional, but so much better than my old camera.

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New Tunes from Dean Wells

You may recall that, when I was blogging more often (oh, say 2008), I was quite taken with The Capstan Shafts. That band kinda disappeared a year or two back, and I had recently been wondering what had happened to them. Well, wonder no more.

It turns out that head Capstan Shaft, Dean Wells, has moved on to a new band called Loud Springs, and they have a brand new 4-song EP called “Wheels to Ceiling.” And it’s pretty much the exact set of perfect minute and a half pop songs that you’d expect.

Check it out below and spend a few bucks to buy it. Apparently there’s a lot more coming, too. Excellent news.

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VIDEO: Mystery Jets, “Greatest Hits”

Love, love, love this album.

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