MP3: Shinies, “Spent Youth”

Just heard this band on Mike Taylor’s radio show on Amazing Radio and was blown away. Wanted to something from them right away. Need to hear more from this band ASAP.

Sorry that the only Soundcloud link I could find has a NSFW image.

Actually found a widget on the Amazing Radio site with 2 different songs from the band. Check it out.

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VIDEO: The Wrong Words, “Wrong Again”

If you were in Austin last week and you didn’t catch Oakland’s The Wrong Words, well, you’re an idiot. And if this band doesn’t come to Chicago soon (the home of their label, Trouble In Mind), well, they’re idiots. (I’m using the word “idiots” loosely today.)

Anyway, check out this video and then write the band an email and tell them to come visit us in Illinois.

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No Regrets Coyote

One of my favorite sets during last week’s SXSW festival (pics coming soon) came from Nashville’s Diarrhea Planet. Say what you will about their name, but that band fucking rocks. You should definitely check them out.

Anyway, while I was trying to find out more about DP this week, I found a link on one of their social media platforms to another Nashville band called No Regrets Coyote… and I may like them even more. You should check them out immediately:

The band apparently is about to release their debut LP on Spaghetti Spaghetti Records any day now. Definitely keep an eye out.

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