The Marked Men @ Empty Bottle [5/28/11]

More pics from the other bands, and perhaps some discussion, later. If I don’t get around to it, though —


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AUDIO: Reigning Sound @ Empty Bottle [4/26/11]

Saw this link on Reigning Sound’s Facebook feed a little while ago… an excellent recording of the band’s recent show here in Chicago at the Empty Bottle. Awesome stuff. Check it out:

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DC Spotlight on CHIRP Radio Tomorrow!

Not sure if I’ve mentioned it on the blog before, but occasionally in my spare time I do some volunteer work for the excellent Chicago-based independent radio station CHIRP Radio. Over time, I’ve also gotten to know several of the DJs, and have been known to pepper a couple of them with song requests of various levels of quality (e.g., there have been some Clean and Dismemberment Plan requests, and there have been some Spin Doctors and Wang Chung requests). Somehow, I’ve managed not to completely ruin my credibility in the process.

Anyway, last week Micha Ward, who DJs on Tuesday nights from 10pm-12am (Central) and also runs the Middle Fidelity blog asked me if I might be interested in helping to curate a show focused primarily on bands from the Washington, D.C. area. Having spent a few years in D.C., and still being relatively tied in to the scene there, I happily accepted.

So tomorrow night, Tuesday, May 24th from 10pm to 12am, tune into CHIRP Radio to hear some of best music currently being made in our nation’s capital. I won’t give away the whole setlist, but you can expect to hear new/recent tracks from Office of Future Plans (the new band from J Robbins of Jawbox fame), S PRCSS (whose excellent new EP was produced by Ian Mackaye) and personal favorite Tereu Tereu, along with numerous bands from the Socket Records family and beyond.

Just a note — we were limited in how many songs we could include, so there are definitely a bunch of great DC bands that didn’t make the list. My apologies to anyone I wanted to but couldn’t include. Please know I love you more than ice cream and I hope to see you all at Fort Reno a couple times this summer.

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Video of the Day

Sorry to get a little political on you, but seriously, I post so rarely here that I figure any post is better than nothing at all.

Anyway, without any further ado, Newt Gingrich meets the Iowa voters (via Political Wire):

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Recent Concert Pix (GBV)

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Recent Concert Pix (Part 1)

Vandaveer @ Empty Bottle [5/11/11]

Jessica Lea Mayfield @ Schubas [5/14/11]

Title Tracks @ Empty Bottle [5/9/11]

David Vandervelde @ Schubas [5/7/11]

Ted Leo @ Schubas [5/5/11]

Reigning Sound @ Empty Bottle [4/28/11]

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