Lollapalooza Lineup Announced (Sorta)

In case you missed it, “advance” 3-day passes for this year’s Lollapalooza Festival here in Chicago went on sale yesterday for the low, low price of $190. Those tickets are still on sale, and once they run out, the final allotment of “regular” 3-day passes will go on sale for $215.

And while the full lineup isn’t being announced until next Tuesday, the festival has released this chart showing all of the bands playing, but currently showing only the number of letters in each name and the placement of the letter “O” in each name as applicable.

A number of us have been plugging in names (i.e., guessing) over on Twitter, and so far I’m pretty confident that the lineup is going to include The National, The New Pornographers, The Arcade Fire, The Strokes, Spoon, Soundgarden, Green Day, Lady Gaga and more. With the exception of the last 2, I’m pretty psyched.

Anyway, check out the page that @solace has set up over on his More Cowbell blog. This is about as up-to-date a list of guesses as you’re gonna find, and it includes a lot more bands than I was able to come up with on my own. (Social Distortion!, The Soft Pack!).

I’m actually excited about a Lollapalooza lineup. First time in years.

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VIDEO: Oh My God, “Bring Yourself”

Check out this awesome new video from one of my favorite Chicago bands, Oh My God.

The song is from the band’s excellent 2009 LP, The Night Undoes The Work Of Day, which you can and should buy here or here immediately.

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MP3: Saintseneca, “Grey Flag”

Please forgive the short nature of this post, and its absolute lack of information. In the middle of a lot of things this morning and don’t have time to do much digging. But I wanted to share a really cool song I just heard from a band called Saintseneca.

It ends a little too soon, but otherwise it’s a really nice indie folk tune which turns into a group singalong stomp towards the end, a la Arcade Fire, Freelance Whales, Mumford and Sons, etc. Check it out:

Saintseneca, “Grey Flag”

More info here:

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Rock Cellist Gordon Withers To Release S/T Album 4/13

NOTE: Just a little cross-promotion action. This is also posted on my BabyStew PR+M site, but since I haven’t done a good job of publicizing that site yet, I wanted to post this here too. Enjoy!

Gordon Withers, “Revolving Doors”

Washington, D.C.-based rock cellist Gordon Withers is set to re-release his second solo album, entitled Gordon Withers, on vinyl and via on Tuesday, April 13th.

Rock cello, you ask? What in the world does that sound like? Well, if you can imagine a post-punk version of Finnish symphonic metal heroes Apocalyptica, you might be on the right track.

Gordon Withers finds Withers, a classically-trained musician, fearlessly tackling string arrangements of post-punk and post-rock classics from Mission of Burma ("Forget"), Chavez ("Unreal Is Here") and Don Caballero ("For Respect"), among others. However, it’s Withers’ six original compositions that are the album’s true standouts, incorporating influences from classical to angular 90’s DC-rock to Sonic Youth-inspired noise freakouts – often in the same song.  As Innocent Words Magazine recently lauded, Gordon Withers is "an impressively diverse and artistic album that defies the boundaries of both indie rock and the cello."

Helping out on the album are Withers’ brother, Stephen, on drums, and Withers’ bandmate in the new Office of Future Plans (in which Withers plays cello and guitar), the iconic J Robbins, who produces and contributes piano and glockenspiel to several tracks. Notably, Withers also recently backed Robbins in an acoustic set of Jawbox and Burning Airlines songs for the Story/Stereo series organized by Chad Clark in Washington, D.C. You can see video of Withers and Robbins soundchecking the Burning Airlines song “Scissoring” here.

Withers’ first solo cello album, Jawbox On Cello, was released in 2007 as a benefit for Cal Robbins, J’s four-year-old son who suffers from Spinal Muscular Atrophy.  Withers is also a member of the bi-coastal ambient collective We All Inherit The Moon, which has several releases on the futurerecordings label.  He also regularly contributes cello to many groups, including Knot Feeder, woodworkings, Peter Maybarduk, Sylvie, Photo Atlas, and others.  In the late 90’s, he played in the Boston-based college-radio darlings Betwixt.  He has a B.A. in Music and an Artist’s Diploma in cello performance from Brandeis University.

Withers plans to embark on a living room tour in support of Gordon Withers later this year.

If you’re a blogger or other member of the media and would like a review copy of the album, or if you’d like an interview with Gordon, please let me know!

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My Late SXSW Recap, Pt. 1

Alright… I’ve procrastinated on this post long enough. I actually still have a couple more “Bands I Missed At SXSW” posts ready to go, but I figured it was high time that I did some sort of post about the bands I actually DID see in Austin this year.

I know you’ve probably already read a million of these recaps on other blogs already, so I’m gonna try to keep this short. You don’t really need to know details of everything I did each day; you don’t care about where I ate (mmm, Smitty’s); you just need to hear about the music.

So here’s what I’m gonna do – I’m gonna three posts. This first post is going to focus on my favorite 10 acts from SXSW (out of 71 that I saw). The bands are listed in alphabetical order and identified by when and where I saw them in Austin. Each band also gets a link to a video (or audio, in the case of Songs) – note, though, that the videos all open on this page, so clicking on one won’t cause you to navigate to a ton of different pages. And, finally, each band gets a photo. Not necessary a good photo, but a photo.

My second post will probably be a wrapup of various thoughts and reflections about SXSW. It’ll probably be short – I hate thinking and reflecting. And the final post will feature a bunch of my favorite photos that I took during the week. And that’ll be it, aside from those additional “bands I missed” posts I mentioned. And then we (I) can move on and not talk about SXSW again until badges go on sale in September.

Oh, and while my top 10 bands below are listed in alphabetical order, if I had to choose a #1 it would be a very, very easy decision. My favorite band of SXSW, and two of my favorite musical sets that I’ve seen in a while, was Hey Rosetta!. I absolutely love this band, and can’t believe this is the first time I’ve ever had an opportunity to see them live. Do yourself a huge favor and go buy their album Into Your Lungs NOW.

So without further ado…


Besnard Lakes
@ Mohawk [3/17/10] and WOXY studio [3/19/10]
Video: “And This Is What We Call Progress” (live in WOXY studios)

Capstan Shafts
@ Wave Rooftop [3/20/10]
Video: “She Makes Amazing Look Stupid”

Carsick Cars
@ Emo’s Annex [3/17/10] and Speakeasy [3/20/10]
Video: “Pan” (video courtesy of David Malitz of the Washington Post)

Fang Island
@ Habana Calle 6 [3/19/10]
Video: “Daisy”

Hey Rosetta!
@ Paradise [3/19/10] and Bayou Lounge [3/20/10]
Video: “Red Heart”

Juniper Tar
@ Habana Calle 6 [3/18/10]
Video: “Black Pain Tea”

The Megaphonic Thrift
@ Habana Calle 6 [3/17/10]
Video: “Talks Like a Weed King” (live in WOXY studio)

So Cow
@ Beauty Bar [3/19/10]
Video: “Casablanca” (video courtesy of David Malitz of the Washington Post)

@ Creekside Lounge [3/18/10] and Maggie Mae’s Gibson Room [3/20/10]
Audio: Live acoustic set from Radio New Zealand National

@ Cedar Street Courtyard [3/18/10]
Video: “Slack Motherfucker”

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This Week In Chicago (March 29-April 4)

Extremely solid week of music here in town this week, from Spoon to Shearwater to The Black Lips to Passion Pit to Cymbals Eat Guitars and beyond.  You can tell that we’re in post-SXSW mode, as just about everyone worth seeing is on the road (and those that aren’t will be soon).  And while I can’t say there’s much that interests me personally on Friday or Saturday, there’s plenty more during the rest of the week to keep me happy.

Shows in bold are recommended shows, while shows in larger bold red are shows that I plan on going to and/or shows that I really, really think you should be going to.

Monday, March 29
Beat Kitchen: Pat McCurdy
Double Door: Curtis Evans, Mike Maimone & The Mutts, Inchworm
Empty Bottle: The Lions Rampant, The Hardy Mums, The Half Rats [FREE]
Martyrs: Booty Movement Coalition, Magazine Gap
Reggie’s Rock Club: Mud Queens, Heart Shaped Hate, Team Band
Ronny’s: Technoir Ma, Glitter Bones, Bigcolour, McKenzie Toma
Schubas: Janelle Monae

The Lions Rampant: “Lights On”

Tuesday, March 30
Abbey Pub: Midwest Most Hated, Class Ed, Andrew Davis II, many more
Beat Kitchen: Chicago Underground Comedy
Empty Bottle: Psychedelic Horseshit, John Bellows, Roche Moche
Hideout: Sanctified Grumblers
Lincoln Hall: Movie Night – Teen Wolf, Fletch
Metro/Smart Bar: DJ John Simmons, DJ Form
Ronny’s: Carusella, Trophy Wives
Schubas: Janelle Monae
Subterranean: Monogold, Future Ghosts, The Stationary Set, Ayanami

Teen Wolf: Part 1 of 10 (click thru for links to parts 2 thru 10)

Wednesday, March 31
Abbey Pub: Team Rocket, Youth Dekay, Meah!, & Wildfires
Beat Kitchen: Sgt. Wesman’s Logan Square Friends Band, 7th Street
Bottom Lounge: Serena Maneesh, Depreciation Guild, Apteka, Canyon
Double Door: Mike Middleton, Canning, Green Sugar, more
Empty Bottle: You Say Party! We Say Die!, Clique Talk, Motorcycles Are Everywhere
Hideout: Immediate Sound Series ft. Tatsuya Nakatani, Ed Wilkerson, Jr.
Lincoln Hall: Green River Ordinance, Vedera, Angel Taylor
Martyrs: God’s Guns, The Webstirs
Metro/Smart Bar: DJs D-Vo, Chairman Rau, more
Reggie’s Rock Club: Tim Barry, Red Clay River, Chaperone
Ronny’s: The Gunshy, Cheap Girls, The Riot Before, Grown Ups
Schubas: The Ruby Suns, Toro Y Moi
Subterranean: Kelsey Wild, News on the March, Andrea Dawn, Gia Margaret

Serena Maneesh: “I Just Want To See Your Face” (video)
The Ruby Suns: “There Are Birds” (video)

Thursday, April 1
Abbey Pub: The Midwest Nightmare, Faggy Pussy, Ramova, & Percolator
Aragon: Spoon
Beat Kitchen: The Protomen, Super 8 Bit Brothers, Alter Eagle
Bottom Lounge: Woodhands, Light Pollution, This Is Versailles, more
Double Door: The Willowz, Lionize
Empty Bottle: The Kickback, King Sparrow, Minneapolis Henrys
House of Blues (Back Porch): This Must Be The Band, Big Time
Lincoln Hall: Little Dragon, VV Brown, DJ Misa
Logan Square Auditorium: Black Lips, Box Elders, Mickey, Get Drunk DJs
Martyrs: Big C Jamboree, Gin Palace Jesters
Metro: Bonobo (live), The Invisible, Deanna Devore
Reggie’s Rock Club: From First To Last, Eyes Set To Kill, Confide, more
Ronny’s: These Magnificent Tapeworms, Hear You Me, more
Schubas: Miles Kurosky, Pancho-san
Subterranean: The Rocket Summer, Hot Chelle Rae

Spoon: “Written In Reverse” (live video from KCRW)
Miles Kurosky: “Dog In The Burning Building” (video)

Friday, April 2
Abbey Pub: The Funky Monks, London Calling, Handsome Devilz
Beat Kitchen: The Methadones, Textbook, Love & Squalor, Burn Tibet
Bottom Lounge: Sawbuck, Nashville Wreckers, New Ruins, more
Beauty Bar: Passion Pit DJ set, Team Bayside High, Samone Roberts
Congress Theater: Passion Pit, Mayer Hawthorne & The County, Bear Hands [SOLD OUT]
Double Door: Flying Lotus, Kode 9, Mymanhenri, YROC
Empty Bottle: Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO, more
Hideout (6:30pm): Interview Show ft. Kid Sister, more
Hideout (10pm): The Pack a.d., Son of Cops, Robbie Hamilton Band
House of Blues: Land of Atlantis, Groovatron, more
Lincoln Hall: High on Fire, Priestess, Black Cobra, Bison B.C.
Martyrs: Daphne Willis, Diplomats of Solid Sound, Aviary Ghost
Metro: Beach House, Bachelorette [SOLD OUT]
Metro/Smart Bar: Bryan Zentz, Frankie Vega, more
Reggie’s Rock Club: Dillinger Escape Plan, Darkest Hour, more
Riviera: Ingrid Michaelson, Mat Ke
Ronny’s: We Make Thunder, The Forget Me Nows, more
Schubas (7:30pm): Steve Poltz
Schubas (10pm): Seabear, Via Tania, Soley
Subterranean: Jedi Mind Tricks, Earatik Statik, more

High on Fire: “Devilution” (video)

Saturday, April 3
Abbey Pub: June Loves Cash (June Carter and Johnny Cash Tribute), Karlye Lapetina
Aragon: Baile Sabado De Gloria, Intocable
Beat Kitchen (5:30pm): The Action Blast, Artifex Pereo, A Hero Named Hope, The American Riot
Beat Kitchen (10:30pm): Head of Skulls!, Haymarket Riot, Mt. St. Helens
Beauty Bar: Daniel Hunt/Ladytron DJ set, Midnight Conspiracy, more
Bottom Lounge: Pendulum (DJ set), LA Riots, Stunna, Alfonz de la Mota
Congress Theater: David Guetta
Double Door: John Browns Body, Toubab Krewe
Empty Bottle: Tobacco, The Hood Internet, Daniel Francis Doyle
Hideout: City Center, Joan of Arc Trio
House of Blues: Robert Cray Band, Shemekia Copeland
Lincoln Hall: Xiu Xiu, tUnE-yArDs, Talk Normal, Zola Jesus
Martyrs (7pm): Audra Mae, Haywood Yards
Martyrs (10pm): Mucca Pazza, Roommate
Metro: Bismarch Reunion, Lil Louis
Metro/Smart Bar: Giom, DJ Mes, Frank Solano
Reggie’s Rock Club (5:30pm): Diamond Plate, Hatchet, Witchaven, War Saw
Reggie’s Rock Club (10pm): Suture Self, Meqqa, Komplicator, Sirens in Vain, Dies Mali
Ronny’s: Judgement Day, Girls in Trouble, Reddelicious, Meander
Schubas: High Places, Icy Demons, Tammar
Subterranean (6pm): A Lull, Suns, Group of Altos, Young Sun
Subterranean (10:45pm): The Booze, The Biters, The Downtown Struts, The Non Believers
The Vic: Joanna Newsom [SOLD OUT]

Joanna Newsom: “Soft as Chalk” (live video from Fallon)

Sunday, April 4
Bottom Lounge: RX Bandits, The Builders and the Butchers, more
Empty Bottle: The Homoticons, Midtown Dickens, Me + Z
Lincoln Hall: Shearwater, Wye Oak, Hospital Ships
Metro: Miike Snow, Delorean, Light Pollution
Metro/Smart Bar: DJ JS vs. Kid Color, OCD Automatic, more
Reggie’s Rock Club: Weedeater, Black Tusk, The Gates of Slumber, more
Ronny’s: Past Apostles, Daily Void, Humachine, more
Schubas (6pm): Cymbals Eat Guitars, Freelance Whales
Schubas (9pm): Cymbals Eat Guitars, Freelance Whales [SOLD OUT]
Subterranean: Solid Gold

Shearwater: “Hidden Lakes” (video)
Cymbals Eat Guitars: “Wind Phoenix” (live video from KEXP)

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Chicago Show Reminder: WUSSY

So I never did get around to doing a “This Week In Chicago” post this week, what with post-SXSW hangover, work and the whole depressing (or maybe not) WOXY thing. If I had, one of my big red picks would have been Cincinnati’s Wussy, who are playing tonight at Darkroom.

I’ve talked about Wussy on this blog a lot over the years, and I recommend them as strongly now as ever before. And they’re friends of WOXY too, so think of this as doing your part to keep WOXY alive.

I can’t find any MP3s available for streaming on their site, so here’s a Lala widget for the band’s most recent, self-titled album. They’re one of my favorite bands, so I really hope you check them out.

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Band I Missed At SXSW: Avi Buffalo

Yeah, I think at this point all these “Band I Missed” posts might just be me procrastinating posting about the bands I actually DID see at SXSW. However there are still a handful of really interesting bands that I meant to see in Austin but didn’t, and I’d be remiss not to at least mention them on the blog since I didn’t get around to seeing them.

One of those remaining bands is Los Angeles’ Avi Buffalo. I know very little about them, and in fact only discovered them when I noticed that Ashley/Rock Insider kept mentioning them on her Twitter feed. So I managed to get a hold of the band’s What’s In It For? 7-inch a couple of weeks ago, and liked it well enough to add them to my SXSW list. And we all know how that worked out.

Anyway, I still know next to nothing about them, except that they’re yooooooooung. Avi apparently just graduated high school in the last year or so. But they’re good, and if these YouTube clips are any indication, Avi’s songwriting is progressing very quickly. The first clip is the A-side from the What’s In It For? 7-inch, whereas the second clip is a live video taken a year or so ago in Avi’s bedroom in his parents’ house.

Oh, and while I missed them in Austin, the good news is that I have a chance to see them (and so do you) here in Chicago on April 9th opening for Japandroids along with locals Lasers and Fast and Shit. Count me in.

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Band I Missed At SXSW: St. Deluxe

It’s kinda sad, but I could keep doing these “Band I Missed At SXSW” posts for a while now. Despite seeing 71 bands – well, technically 71 sets, with some being the same bands twice – there were still about 1,900 other acts in town last week, and as it turns out, a lot of them were pretty good.

It’s especially disappointing that I missed St. Deluxe last week, given that (a) they’re Scottish, and I tend to like just about everything Scottish these days, (b) they sound like they could have been around in 1992 (think Swervedriver, Sonic Youth, etc.), (c) they opened for the Big Star tribute show, and (d) @wordtravelsfast specifically told me that I should see them. Instead, I’m left sitting here in Chicago kicking myself for missing them. Oh well.

“New Wave Stars”


St. Deluxe website
St. Deluxe on MySpace

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Band I Missed At SXSW: Beach Fossils

Yet another band I really wanted to see at SXSW but ended up missing every time they played. I’ve never seen them before, and in fact have only heard the songs on their MySpace page, but this new video from their Insound studio session makes it clear that I screwed up by not seeing them.

You can find three more videos from the band’s Insound session here.

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VIDEO: The Besnard Lakes @ WOXY Studios

In case you haven’t heard the news already, was abruptly shut down by its owners this morning, with no warning whatsoever other than this simple message on their website:

WOXY Listeners, Fans and Friends…

Due to current economic realities and the lack of ongoing funding for WOXY’s operations, we’ve been forced to suspend our live broadcasts as of March 23rd. We’re continuing to explore options to keep The Future of Rock and Roll alive. For business inquiries, please contact Bryan Jay ( or John at Future Sounds (

Thanks for your years of dedicated support.

– Mike, Shiv, Joe, Paige, Brian and Bryan Jay

This news comes just days after what appeared to be a wildly successful SXSW for the station, including the station’s very first official evening showcase, as well as a number of fantastic parties and in-studio performances.

I’ll post my thoughts on the situation at a later time, but for now I wanted to share this video that I took of The Besnard Lakes performing their song “And This Is What We Call Progress” in the WOXY studio last Thursday. My eternal thanks for the WOXY gang for having me in again, and for just generally being some of the coolest people I’ve ever had the luck of knowing.

(Edited to add: The video is taken on a crappy point-and-click camera from the upstairs viewing balcony, so don’t go expecting high quality videography or anything.)

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Band I Missed At SXSW: Quiet Company

I plan to do a more extensive post (or two) about my experiences at SXSW in Austin this past week, but until I have a chance to do that I wanted to post this great video of Austin’s own Quiet Company performing their song “My New Year’s Resolution Is To Cope With My Mortality.” The video was recorded last Thursday in the ME TV studio on South Congress (which, coincidentally, they share with WOXY).

Sadly, I didn’t end up having a chance to see Quiet Company during SXSW this year. Only one of their four shows was downtown, and I ended up seeing Songs at the Pop Tarts Suck Toasted party instead. I don’t regret seeing Songs (they were great), but I wish I’d found a way to see Quiet Company. Their album On Modern Men, really has become one of my favorites of the past year.

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My SXSW Schedule

Of course this will change, but here’s the closest I can get to mapping things out.

As of now, I have 72 bands on my schedule, not including a couple of early morning sets in the Hilton lobby on Thursday that I’d like to try to hit (Dawes at 9am, Frightened Rabbit at 9:45am).

Of the 72, I’m seeing two bands twice (Capstan Shafts and Carsick Cars), though I’m gonna try not to actually do that if possible. Also, of those 72 bands I have only seen 14 of them before. I’m trying to see as many new bands as possible, but in some places the options just weren’t good enough to skip a band I’ve seen.

So without further ado…

1:30 PM Summer Cats
2:05 PM Fresh and Onlys
3:00 PM Woven Bones
3:30 PM Carsick Cars
4:20 PM Besnard Lakes
5:05 PM Torche
5:30 PM Beach Fossils
6:00 PM Joe Pug
8:00 PM Turbo Fruits
8:45 PM La Snacks
9:30 PM Protomen
10:00 PM Born to Lose
11:00 PM Megaphonic Thrift
12:15 AM High on Fire
1:00 AM Serena Maneesh

9am Dawes
9:45 AM Frightened Rabbit
12:00 PM Carsick Cars (or 12:30pm)
12:40 PM Suckers
1:00 PM Capstan Shafts
2:00 PM Avi Buffalo
3:00 PM Juniper Tar
4:00 PM Dinosaur Bones
4:45 PM Broken Records
5:00 PM Hollerado
5:40 PM So Cow
6:00 PM Ruby Suns
7:30 PM Superchunk
8:00 PM Let’s Wrestle
9:00 PM Happy Birthday
9:30 PM Surf City
10:00 PM Horse Feathers
11:00 PM Quiet Company
11:45 PM Bridges & Powerlines
1:00 AM Delta Spirit
2:00 AM Rival Schools

12:30 PM Sweet Apple
1:00 PM Male Bonding
2:00 PM Ume
2:30 PM Washed Out
3:00 PM Dam-Funk
3:15 PM Dinosaur Feathers
3:30 PM Soft Pack
4:00 PM Trail of Dead
4:45 PM Dum Dum Girls
5:15 PM Lucero
5:30 PM Wave Pictures
6:15 PM Best Coast
6:40 PM Cloud Nothings
8:00 PM Hey Rosetta!
9:00 PM Twin Tigers
10:00 PM French Miami
11:15 PM The Entrance Band
12:00 AM Fang Island
1:00 AM Band of Skulls

12:00 PM Songs (maybe??)
12:20 PM Mynabirds
1:00 PM The Middle East
1:30 PM Deleted Scenes
2:15 PM Title Tracks
3:00 PM Rocky Votolato
3:30 PM Grand Atlantic
4:15 PM Two Cow Garage
4:55 PM Roky Erickson & Okkervil River
5:45 PM Dead Confederate
6:30 PM The Whigs
7:30 PM Titus Andronicus
8:15 PM Smith Westerns
9:00 PM Capstan Shafts
9:40 PM Jeff the Brotherhood
10:00 PM LoveLikeFire
11:00 PM Waco Brothers
12:30 AM Big Star
1:15 AM Fucked Up

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This Week In Chicago (March 15-21)

Relatively slow week in terms of stuff that interests me, though there are a handful of quality shows (Woods/Real Estate, John Doe, Clientele/Field Music, Shellac). Oh, and don’t forget the return of Forget Cassettes, who had pretty much dropped off the face of the earth for the past few years (and had even changed names at one point), but thankfully who now seem to be back in action.

Personally, I’ll be heading off to Austin for SXSW early on Wednesday, so don’t expect a ton of action on the blog this week. I’ll try updating a bit from Austin, but if you’re really curious what I’m doing down there, my suggestion would be to keep an eye on my Twitter feed.

Shows in bold are recommended shows, while shows in larger bold red are shows that I plan on going to and/or shows that I really, really think you should be going to.

Monday, March 15
Abbey Pub: The Stand, Heather Perry, The Blanks
Beat Kitchen: Pat McCurdy
Double Door: The Brought Low, Howler, Imperial Battlesnake
Empty Bottle: My Gold Mask, Common Loon, Cloud Nothings, Campfires [FREE]
Lincoln Hall: Woods, Real Estate, Netherfriends
Martyrs: Imelda May, Del Moroccos
Metro: Hammerfall, Powerflove
Ronnys: Truman & His Trophy, Eagle Scout
Schubas: John Doe, Danny Black

Woods: “To Clean” (live Toronto in-store)
Real Estate: “Pool Swimmers” (live video)

Tuesday, March 16
Abbey Pub: Butterfly Explosion, Hushdrops, Kelroy, Sioum
Beat Kitchen: Racebannon, Rollo Tomasi, Thank God, Reptoids
Bottom Lounge: The Very Best, Ninjasonik, Bin Laden Blowin Up, Chandeliers
Darkroom: Kevin Flynn and the Avondale Ramblers, Candy Apple and the Buddies, DJ Pogo
Double Door: Apoptygma Berzerk, Anix, Aerodrone
Empty Bottle: PoundCake, Papier Tigre, The Bewitched Hands On the Top of Our Heads
Hideout: Sanctified Grumblers
Lincoln Hall: MOVIE – The White Stripes – Under Great White Northern Lights
Martyrs: Rico!, Hyperpotamus
Park West: Jamie Cullum [SOLD OUT]
Reggie’s Rock Club (5pm): Black Dahlia Murder, Obscura, Augury, Hatesphere
Ronnys: The Slow Death, Altar Eagle, Roky Moon & Bolt
Schubas: Heather Lynne Horton (Record Release), Dan Mitchell
Subterranean: Arma, Outernational, Chester, Bullet Called Life

Wednesday, March 17
Beat Kitchen: Elk, Carbon Tigers, An Aesthetic Anaesthetic, Earth Program
Bottom Lounge: The Burninators, Donkey Punch, Johnny Vomit, Voice of Addiction, After the Fight
Double Door: The Beer Nuts All-Star Revue, Church Key, Stoop Goodnoise
Empty Bottle: The Blue Ribbon Glee Club, The Dust Bunnies, Covered Wagons, Weepin’ Willows, more
Hideout: Immediate Sound Series ft. Rova Saxophone Quartet (2 sets)
Lincoln Hall: The Clientele, Field Music, Liam Hayes
Martyrs: Muck Brothers
Metro: The Tossers, Scott Lucas & The Married Men, The Matics, The Bottle & Stone, Battalion
Metro (SmartBar): Jeff Craven (Large), Aaron Dae, Rees Urban
Park West: David Garrett
Reggie’s Rock Club: Miss Maya Sinstress, Pain Kurst Girls
Ronnys: Ketman, Coins
Schubas: Brendan Bayliss (of Umphrey’s McGee) & Jeff Austin (of Yonder Mountain String Band)
Subterranean: The Lives of Famous Men, Weekend FM

The Clientele: “We Could Walk Together” (live in-studio with The Current)
Field Music: “Them That Do Nothing” (official video)

Thursday, March 18
Abbey Pub: Locrian, Harpoon, Anatomy of Habit, Sun Splitter
Beat Kitchen: Rebel Roots, Los Vicios de Papa, Natalie Grace Alford, Dave Cavalier
Bottom Lounge: P.O.S., Dessa, Astronautalis, F.Stokes
Darkroom: Tenniscourts, Dorian Taj, The Clergymen
Double Door: Soul Summit Dance Party – Supreme Court, Xavier Velez, Dave Mata, more
Empty Bottle: Deakin, Glitter Bones, Netherfriends
Hideout: MAKE Literary Magazine Release Party ft. Death Ships, Paul Cary, DJ Joel Craig
House of Blues: NEEDTOBREATE, Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers, Graham Colton Band
Lincoln Hall: Company of Thieves, John Herny & The Engine, Hollus
Martyrs: Victory Auto Rockers, Slowhawks, Nelken
Metro: Columbia College Story Week 2010
Metro (SmartBar): MRK1, Swoop, Whoa-B
Park West: David Garrett [SOLD OUT]
Ronnys: Architecture, Shape Note
Schubas: Jessica Robbins (Record Release), Matt Crews
Subterranean: Manbirdbelly, Paper Airplane Pilots, Satellite 66

Friday, March 19
Abbey Pub: Barrence Whitfield & The Savages, The Honeybees, Hi-Fi, The Roadburners
Beat Kitchen (6pm): Two Star, Glittermouse, The Hudson Branch, Leah Stargazing
Beat Kitchen (10:30pm): The Sometimes Family, Age of Animals, Bakelite Army
Bottom Lounge: The Appleseed Cast, Dreamend
Darkroom: The Goodness, DJ Shortkut, Rude Onederful, Sean Doe
Double Door: The New Mastersounds, Lou Dooben
Empty Bottle: Gil Mantera’s Party Dream, Brilliant Pebbles
Hideout (5:30pm): The Barehand Jug Band
Hideout (10pm): Soft Speaker, Cains & Abels, Village
House of Blues: Great Big Sea
Lincoln Hall: The Right Now (Record Release), VertiKal, Weber Band
Martyrs: Ayanami, Fifth Story, The Heavy Bombers, Eva
Metro: Mindsight, Amrita, The Fireship, The Rails, The Love Shots
Metro (SmartBar): The Glamour, Kid Color, Butch Cassidy & John, Twatters
Park West: David Garrett [SOLD OUT]
Reggie’s Rock Club: Impaler, Graverobber, Gravedirt, The Turbo Vamps
Ronnys: The Sky We Scrape, Loudmouth, Gunners Daughter, Ripstick
Schubas: Scout Niblett, Picastro
Subterranean: The Shams Band, Derek Nelson & The Musicians, Will Phalen & The Stereo Addicts, Hey Rabbit

Saturday, March 20
Abbey Pub: Mnllika Presents – Starter DJs w/ Tha Basix, Ghetto Division – Manny Muscles vs: Stefan Ponce, more
Aragon Ballroom: Alice in Chains
Beat Kitchen (6pm): Scissors, The Twilight & The Sound, The Reaganomics
Beat Kitchen (10:30pm): The Barcait Couture, Starter Kit, The Born Ready
Bottom Lounge: The Matadors, Koffin Kats, Reckless Ones, The Memphis Morticians, The Brains, Curtains
Congress Theater: Above & Beyond, Benny Benassi, Second Sun
Darkroom: White Label Sessions w/ DJ Lego
Double Door: Borrow Tomorrow, The Well, Workout Music, Fresh Hops, Tricia Scully
Empty Bottle: The Bomb, Team Band, Ready the Destroyer
Hideout: White Mystery, Other Minds
House of Blues: Great Big Sea
House of Blues (Back Porch): Chainsaw Dupont (CD release)
Lincoln Hall: The Ex, Shellac [SOLD OUT]
Martyrs (7pm): Paul Sanchez of Cowboy Mouth
Martyrs (9:30pm): Omar Pene from Senegal
Metro: The Big Pink, A Place to Bury Strangers, Gatekeeper
Metro (SmartBar): Justin Long, Acid Circus
Park West: Los Pleneritos del Son
Reggie’s Rock Club (1pm): Modern History, Capeheart, Wonderland Honey, The Circle View, many more
Reggie’s Rock Club (10pm): Handsome Devilz, Saber (Depeche Mode trib.), Who’s This Mary?, DJs
Ronnys: The Chinese Telephones, The Gateway District, That’s Incredible, The Dopamines, Be My Doppelganger
Schubas: We The Living, Bullets in Madison, Chrash
Subterranean (6:30pm): Gold Motel, Color Radio, Volcanoes Make Islands
Subterranean (10:30pm): Luster, The Paper Clips, The Bitter Wigs

Shellac: “Steady As She Goes”
Alice in Chains: “No Excuses” (official video)

Sunday, March 21
Abbey Pub: Hunting Abroad, Fauxbot, Mountains for Clouds, Daysleeper
Beat Kitchen (12pm): The Dreamtree Shakers
Beat Kitchen (8:30pm): The Damn Choir, Shake Hands With Danger, Ghost in the Graveyard
Bottom Lounge: The Chevelles, Gidgets Ga Ga, Perfo, We Repel Each Other
Double Door: DjM Trio, The Name That Spell, Dick Wolf!
Empty Bottle: Forget Cassettes, Tender, rrind
House of Blues: Emily Osment, Hot Chelle Rae
Lincoln Hall: On The Run, Sissy Mena, Matt Ryd, Cole Degenova and the People’s Republic, Branden Barnett
Reggie’s Rock Club (5pm): H2O, The Swellers, The Mongoloids, The Attack
Ronnys: Rooftops, The Americas
Schubas: Spanish for 100, Nick Miller & The Neighbors, Redwood Plan
Subterranean: Rabble Rabble, The Runnies, Meah!, Geffika

Forget Cassettes: “Quiero, Queires” (live video)

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Ted Leo @ Bottom Lounge [3/13/10]

Just pics for now. Maybe some discussion tomorrow. But in case I get lazy, let me just say that this was one of the best Ted Leo shows I’ve seen in many, many years. And I’ve seen a lot.

Oh, and two guests tonight during the encore – Patrick from Titus Andronicus (who were in town for an afternoon in-store at Reckless), and, I think, the lead singer of The Jai Alai Savants (who opened for Ted at the Lincoln Hall opening night show).

And while I’m at it, Title Tracks were fantastic as well. This was the biggest room I’ve seen them play, and they sounded great.

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

Title Tracks

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