Coachella Lineup Released

And it includes Superchunk. Awesome.

The entire lineup is actually pretty solid, with Day 3 being the best by far – My Bloody Valentine, Okkervil River, The Cure, X, The Night Marchers, Vivian Girls, Public Enemy, No Age, Fucked Up and more.

Day 2 isn’t too shabby either, with the aforementioned Superchunk, Bob Mould, Calexico, Drive By Truckers, Fleet Foxes, Mastodon and Glasvegas.

Day 1 is the weakest day for my personal tastes (many will disagree), with Paul McCartney, Morrissey, Silversun Pickups, Conor Oberst, Beirut, The Hold Steady and A Place to Bury Strangers.

Any way you look at it, though, this is the first year I’m really tempted to head west to Indio.

Full lineup here.

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Great NYC Show Tonight!

I was just looking at the calendar of shows going on in New York next week, when I will likely be there for an interview or two, and noticed a fantastic show going on at Union Hall in Brooklyn tonight.

The show features Shannon McArdle (formerly of The Mendoza Line) and Chris Mills (who put out one of my favorite albums of 2008), together with Red Orange Morning (who I don’t know).

Tickets are only $7, and there’s really no valid excuse for not going if you’re in town.

Oh, and yeah, I just went ahead and bought myself a ticket to the Rural Alberta Advantage / These United States show at Union Hall next Friday on the assumption that I’ll be there. Can’t wait to finally see RAA.

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Tereu Tereu and Sean Walsh @ Black Cat, DC [1/28/09]

Sean Walsh and the National Reserve, “You Know”
Tereu Tereu, “Beyond The Coast”

Fantastic rock show last night.

I knew going in that Tereu Tereu would put on a good show. The last time I’d seen them (way too long ago, unfortunately), I’d been impressed with how fun their set was. And, in the interim, they’d released their excellent new album, All That Keeps Us Together. So my expectations were high, and they were met in full. The new songs sounded fantastic live, and despite being a tad under the weather, the band played with a ton of energy. If you’re looking for the next hot, up-and-coming DC-area band, check these guys out ASAP.

While I expected a good set from TT, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Sean Walsh and the National Reserve. I’d heard the name before, but the only songs I had heard were from their FREE 4-song sampler of songs from their forthcoming album, Homesick. I like the songs quite a bit, but feared that their live show might be a little on the boring side.

I was wrong. Very, very, very, very, very wrong. About once or twice a year, at best, I see a band and am blown away and completely taken off-guard as to how good they are. That’s exactly what happened last night with SW&TNS. And I can’t wait to see them again. Soon, please?

Edited to add: I actually forgot to mention the actual headliner of the show, Pree. Well, I actually only caught the first two songs from the band before I had to leave to catch the Metro. They seemed decent, though I’ll need to hear more from the band before saying much more about them. Why can’t DC clubs at least try to schedule things so that people can take the Metro? Or, heaven forbid, why can’t Metro run until at least 12:30am or 1am on weeknights?

Tereu Tereu

Sean Walsh and the National Reserve

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DC Show Update

I am just tickled frickin’ pink about The Antlers coming to the Black Cat.

My picks in bold. Updates throughout the week, if any, in italics.

Sun., 3/1: Sean McArdle (backstage)

Sun., 3/8: The Shirks, The Ladies (backstage)
Mon., 3/9: Vandaveer (backstage)
Wed., 3/11: The Antlers (backstage)
Fri., 3/20: DJ Rekha (mainstage)
Thu., 3/26: Say Hi, Telekinesis (backstage)
Tue., 4/14: Great Lake Swimmers, Kate Maki (backstage)
Black Cat tickets go on sale on Friday (1/30) at 5pm Eastern via Ticketmaster.

Sat., 2/7: The Wino Band
Fri., 2/13: emmet swimming, Trustfall
Mon., 2/23: Mos Def
Thu., 4/16: Ratatat
Thu., 4/23: Travis (on sale 2/5)
Sat.. 5/2: Peter, Bjorn and John, Chairlift (on sale 1/30)

Sun., 5/17: Dan Deacon, Future Isands, Teeth Mountain
Unless otherwise noted, all 9:30 Club tickets go on sale Thursday (1/29) at 10am Eastern time via

Wed., 2/11: Hoots and Hellmouth, The Jones, The Petticoat Team Room
Thu., 3/5: Pete and J
Sun., 3/8: The Tossers
Sat., 3/28: Asobi Seksu
Sat., 4/11: DJ Craze & Klever

Tickets for Rock and Roll Hotel shows are sold via Ticket Alternative.


Unless otherwise noted, tickets for all Velvet Lounge shows are sold at the door only.

Thu., 3/19: Richard Buckner (during SXSW)
Sat., 3/21: Brother Shamus

Unless otherwise noted, tickets for all Iota shows are sold at the door only.


Tickets for State Theatre shows are sold here.

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Reminder: Rock Show Tonight!

Just a quick reminder about a great show going on here in DC tonight at the Black Cat’s backstage — Sean Walsh and the National Reserve, Pree and, of course, Tereu Tereu.

As I mentioned, Tereu Tereu is touring support of their brand new album, All That Keeps Us Together, which you can purchase for yourself if you catch the band on tour. Doors are at 9pm (show at 9:30pm, I’d assume), and tickets are only $8.

If you need any more convincing, take another listen to my favorite song from TT’s new album:

Tereu Tereu, “Beyond The Coast”

See you there!

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The Least Indie Thing I’ve Seen All Week

Alright, so one of the bigger DC-area acts these days is a band called Middle Distance Runner. I can’t say I know their music all that well, but they seem to have a pretty big following, and several blogs that I know and respect have a pretty high opinion of them.

I noticed earlier today that they’re scheduled to play Iota, right down the road from me, in late March, so I figured I’d go to their website and see exactly what they sounded like.

My verdict? They’re fine. But that’s not the reason I’m posting. If you go to their website, and click on the “Placements” button at the top of the page, it takes you to a listing of all of the advertisements that their music has been used in.


Listen, I know that this is how bands make money these days, and I don’t have a problem with the New Pornographers or Of Montreals of the world selling their songs for ads. But do you really have to devote an entire page on your website to list each time you’ve done it?

That so is not punk rock.

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Disciplines Album Finally Getting U.S. Release

Awesome news over on Billboard today:

Smoking Kills, the debut album from The Disciplines, is finally coming out in the U.S. via Second Motion Records on April 28th. The album came out in Scandanavia last year, and you can hear several songs over at the band’s MySpace page.

Who are the Disciplines, you ask? The Disciplines are a former Norwegian band known as Briskeby fronted by none other than Ken Stringfellow of The Posies.

The band plans to tour in North and South America this year, as well as Europe.

And what about a new Posies album?

“I am waiting for songs to emerge that are appropriate for the Posies, at which point we will work on another Posie opus,” he says. “That’s the intention.”


Edited to add: Be sure to listen to “There’s a Law” if you go to the MySpace page.

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New Asobi Seksu Video, "Me and Mary"

(Via Brooklyn Vegan)

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Margot & The Nuclear So and Sos, "As Tall As Cliffs"

File under: More Stuff I Missed During The Campaign

This one came out the day before the election, apparently. Love the song.

As Tall As Cliffs

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Want To Play At Waterloo Records During SXSW?

I had no idea, but apparently Waterloo Records had an open booking system for the sets it hosts during SXSW.

So, if you’re an artist and you’re looking for a place to play in Austin during SXSW, check out Waterloo’s rules and application here.

Waterloo’s lineup during SXSW is usually a hodgepodge of high profile bands and lesser known bands. It’s always a good excuse to head over and browse the aisles, though.

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Recommended: Jason Isbell, Seven-Mile Island

So this is short enough to have probably just been a Twitter, but I wanted to give attention as due…

Jason Isbell’s Seven-Mile Island, which comes out on February 17th, is hands down the best album I’ve heard so far in 2009, and I can’t imagine a world where 10 better albums are going to come out this year.


Pre-order an autographed copy of the album here.

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Teenage Fanclub Recording!

I’ll file this under Things Missed During The Campaign.

Teenage Fanclub’s website has this entry dated August 19, 2008:

Work starts on a new album!

We begin work on our next album, our ninth, this coming Sunday 24th August. We have booked an initial three weeks at Leeders Farm recording studio in Norfolk and will be teaming up with our old friend Nick Brine, who will be engineering.

That just made my day.

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Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s No More?

Color me confused. I just noticed that Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos were scheduled to appear at the Music Hall of Williamsburg on Thursday, April 9th with Cloud Cult. Tickets apparently go on sale this Thursday at noon.

That’s not the confusing part. Stay with me.

This got me wondering if the band might swing through DC or not (their 9:30 Club show last summer was, err, sparsely attended). So I checked their MySpace page for tour dates and that’s when I saw this blog entry:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

margot says, “goodbye for now” in Indianapolis

Margot will be going away for awhile (at least) to work on some other things. To say thank you to everyone from our town, we will be playing two VERY small shows in Indy. An all ages and a 21+. Links to buy tickets are in our “shows” section. Hope to see you there.

So, as I mentioned above, I am confused. Are they taking time off? Are they touring? Is this yet another example of an indie band being undone by a major label deal? Are they taking time off to recruit new bandmembers so that they can rival the Polyphonic Spree in size?

These questions – and many others – will be answered in the next episode of Soap.

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DC and NYC Collide in Brooklyn This Weekend!

Wow, just saw the info on a great show going on up at Music Hall of Williamsburg this weekend.

For the low price of $12 (!) you get DC’s Jukebox the Ghost plus NYC’s Robbers on High Street, Lowry and, best of all IMO, Takka Takka.

The show is the release party for Guilt By Association Volume 2, an album of your favorite indie rock bands playing your favorite guilty-pleasure songs. You can stream the entire album here, including songs by all four bands mentioned above as well as Frightened Rabbit covering N-Trance and The Forms covering, err, “We Didn’t Start The Fire”.

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Don’t Call It A Comeback #2

Because it’s just a one-off thing.

But don’t let that keep you from getting excited about the fact that the recently-disbanded Julie Ocean is scheduled to open for From The Jam at the State Theatre on Sunday, March 29th.

The story as I understand it is that the J.O. boys were scheduled to open this show a few months ago before it got postponed, and were contacted about staying on the bill when it got re-scheduled for March. In the interim, singer/guitarist Jim Spellman had moved off to Denver so that he could receive daily tasings, and the band had broken up. But now they’re back, for one show only, and to that I say… excellent.

Tickets are on sale now.

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