New Delays Video, "Keep It Simple"

Not my favorite song from the new Delays album, Everything’s The Rush, but the inclusion of Keith makes it a keeper.

You may remember Keith from the days that this picture of him was the banner for one of the side-pages of this blog.

Or you may remember him as the British version of this guy.

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Frightened Rabbit @ Black Cat, DC [6/30/08]

Discussion tomorrow. Absolutely beat.

One question though – when the hell did Frightened Rabbit get so popular? Was their music used on The Hills or something? I love ’em to death, but I assumed I’d be one of 15 people there for their set. Instead, the show sold out. Good for them.

Frightened Rabbit

Oxford Collapse

Takka Takka

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Hello Miss Lady!

Completely NSFW (language).

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Paul Weller Hitting 9:30 Club

Just saw this over at Brooklyn Vegan:

Paul Weller is playing the 9:30 Club here in DC on Saturday, September 13th.

There’s no indication on yet as to when tickets go on sale. I’m definitely not missing this one after giving away a ticket to the first night of last year’s Irving Plaza shows.

For a full listing of Paul’s shows (including 2 NYC shows at Nokia and Highline), head to BV.

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Another reminder about tonight’s Frightened Rabbit, Takka Takka and Oxford Collapse show at the Black Cat.

Frightened Rabbit, “Head Rolls Off”

Oxford Collapse, “Please Visit Your National Parks”

Takka Takka, “We Feel Safer At Night” (live)

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First Half Albums

Since we’re coming up on the halfway point of 2008, I thought it might be interesting to take stock of the music I’ve been listening to so far this year. This isn’t an official “Best Of” list, but more of an informal listing of my favorite music so far.

*Bon Iver, For Emma, Forever Ago
Chris Mills, Living in the Aftermath
Dead Confederate, Dead Confederate EP
#Earlimart, Hymn and Her
Frightened Rabbit, The Midnight Organ Fight
Grand Archives, The Grand Archives
#The Hold Steady, Stay Positive
The Jet Age, What Did You Do During the War, Daddy?
Julie Ocean, Long Gone and Nearly There
*Lightspeed Champion, Falling Off the Lavender Bridge
+Mystery Jets, Twenty One
Shearwater, Rook
The Whigs, Mission Control

* = originally released in 2007, released widely 2008
+ = U.K. release only (so far)
# = not officially released yet

Oh, and here are a few of the albums coming out later this year that I’m looking forward to most:

Birdmonster, From the Mountain to the Sea (8/5)
The Broken West, Now or Heaven (9/9)
Matthew Sweet, Sunshine Lies (8/26)
Okkervil River, The Stand Ins (9/9)
Robert Pollard’s Boston Spaceships, Brown Submarine (9/9)
Shannon Mcardle (of The Mendoza Line), Summer of the Whore (8/5)
Takka Takka, Migration (7/29)
Wheat, Untitled LP #5 (tba)

Edited to add: OK, so I finally got the No Age album (Nouns) last night, and I may have to seriously think about adding it to this list. It kicks all kinds of ass.

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New Matthew Sweet!

Matthew Sweet is set to release his first album in four years without Susanna Hoffs, Pete Droge or Shawn Mullins, and the world is a much better place for it.

Sunshine Lies comes out on August 26th via the increasingly-relevant Shout! Factory record label. You can hear three songs from the album at Matthew’s MySpace page.

On first listen, my favorite of the three songs is easily “Byrdgirl”, which may be one of the best things he’s written in the last decade. The other two songs, “Flying” and “Room to Rock”, aren’t great, but are interesting to the extent that they emphasize a louder, more punk-oriented side than I’m used to hearing from Sweet.

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The Thermals Take-Away Show

I just discovered Blogotheque and their fantastic Take-Away Show series. Not sure how I hadn’t heard about this before.

Stereogum posted Blogotheque’s excellent Bon Iver performance the other day.

And then I noticed today that they had a couple acoustic performances by The Thermals’ Hutch and Kathy. Good stuff. Check out the videos below, and read about the session here.

“That’s Inertia”

“I Know It’s Too Late”

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Two Reminders for Monday

In case I forget to mention them over the weekend, I wanted to remind everyone about two big DC-related music events on Monday.

First up is The Jet Age’s live in-studio performance on KEXP. They’re scheduled for 3pm EDT, and you can stream the performance here. If you haven’t seen the band perform live before – or even if you have – you won’t want to miss this.

(Note: KEXP is also streaming performances by Shallow and Love Battery (!!) from the Sub Pop Anniversary Show this weekend. More info here.

Second is the big Oxford Collapse / Frightened Rabbit / Takka Takka show at the Black Cat on Monday night. Despite the fact that there are about 300 bands with the word “Rabbit” in their name these days, I’ve pretty much fallen in love with Frightened Rabbit over the last couple of months. Same with Takka Takka’s new album, Migration. I’m still getting introduced to Oxford Collapse, but I like what I’ve heard. Tickets are only $10 and are available here.

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Some Live Wussy

If you weren’t able to catch Wussy when they toured the East Coast earlier this year, do yourself a favor and check out these videos from their show at the Mad Hatter in Covington, KY the other day.

I’m actually kinda pissed at myself. I was hoping to time my annual Summer visit to see family in Ohio with this show, but completely forgot about it. Instead I’m going in two weeks. Oh well. I may be able to catch The Bloodsugars at The Comet, though, which would be cool.

“Death By Misadventure”

“Soak It Up”

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Times New Viking, Titus Andronicus @ Rock and Roll Hotel, DC [6/25/08]

So, um, yeah.

I’m even more at a loss for words than usual when it comes trying to discuss last night’s Times New Viking show.

I’ll probably take some heat from this from various people, but I gotta be honest. I hated Times New Viking.

It’s not a huge surprise, I guess. I like a few TNV songs, but not many, and have rarely gone back to listen to their albums after I first got them. But I’d heard good things about their live show, and I was hopeful that seeing them live would change my view of them, as it has with countless bands in the past.

It didn’t. To be fair, other people I talked to at the show seemed to like it a lot. Guess TNV just isn’t my thing.

And, as for Titus Andronicus, who opened the show along with True Womanhood, I really want to see them in about 12-18 months. I think they’ve got a ton of talent, and a lot of energy on stage, but as of now they’re more potential than anything. Too many of their songs aren’t that interesting, and they tend to wear their influences on their sleeves a bit too much. But they definitely have their moments, and hopefully those moments will get longer and longer as time goes on.

Some pics…

Times New Viking

Titus Andronicus

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DC Show Update

Starting early because of a huge list of new Black Cat dates that came out today. (Thanks to David for the heads up!)

Updates throughout the week will be in italics, and my picks are in bold.

9:30 Club
Tue., 8/5: Gnarls Barkley
Wed., 8/13: Margot and the Nuclear So & So’s
Sun., 8/17: Rehab
Tue., 8/19: Good Charlotte
Wed., 8/20: Aesop Rock

Mon., 9/8: The Kooks
Sat., 10/1: Cold War Kids

9:30 Club shows go on sale via on Thursday (6/26) at 10am Eastern, except for the Kooks show, which goes on sale on Saturday (6/28) at 10am Eastern. (Although there seems to be some confusion as to whether Cold War Kids goes on sale on Thursday or Friday.)

Black Cat
Sat., 7/5: Metropolitan, Wye Oak, Bellflur, Face Accidents
Wed., 7/9: Alona, Girl Loves Distortion (backstage)
Thu., 7/10: Bottle Up & Go, The Shackletons (backstage)
Fri., 7/11: Platinum Pied Pipers, W. Ellington Felton, Blu $
Thu., 7/17: Love as Laughter
Fri., 8/8: DC Comedy Fest – Super Alt ft. TJ Miller
Sat., 8/9: DC Comedy Fest – The Weird Show ft. Reggie Watts
Wed., 8/27: Imperial Chiuna, Caverns, True Womanhood (backstage)
Wed., 9/10: Silver Jews
Wed., 9/17: Balkan Beatbox
Wed., 9/17: Death Vessel, Micah Blue Smaldone (backstage)
Tue., 9/30: Dressy Bessy
Wed., 10/1: Pinback (no on sale date yet)
Sat., 10/11: The Wedding Present
Sun., 10/19: Lykke Li
Wed., 10/22: Octopus Project, Jeans Team
Fri., 10/31: DJ Rekha (Basement Bhangra NYC)

Black Cat shows go on sale via Ticketmaster on Friday (6/27) at 5pm Eastern.

Fri., 8/8: The Apparitions, These United States, The Cotton Jones Basket Ride
Sat., 8/9: The Apparitions, These United States, Bellman Barker

Tickets for Iota are typically sold at the door only.

The two Apparitions shows are Second Anniversary shows for the excellent Instrumental Analyis blog. If you don’t know them, the Apparitions are Mark Charles Heidinger’s (Vandaveer) other band, based out of Louisville.

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Another Phish Reunion Rumor

Billboard is reporting that Phish may be on the verge of reuniting to record an album with Steve Lillywhite (who is currently in Dublin recording with U2).

I honestly don’t know if I care about this or not. From 1992 to 1998-ish, I saw Phish somewhere in the region of 40 times. However, the last time I saw them – at Keyspan Park in Coney Island – they were flat-out terrible. And at this point, I can’t even remember the last time I listened to a song of theirs. It’s probably been at least 2 years.

So would I go to a Phish show? Maybe. But at 32 years of age, patchouli has really come to scare me. And there’s not a chance in hell that I could ever hippy-dance again.

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Trail of Dead Seek to Get "More Anthemic"

According to Billboard, …And You Will Know Us by The Trail Of Dead is launching its own label, Richter Scale Records, and will be releasing a new album in January 2009.

And the album will be… wait for it… “more anthemic.”

Is that even possible? Hasn’t that been the problem with the last few TOD albums – all anthem and little substance? What happened to the texture and noisescapes of Source Tags & Codes? Or the rawness of Madonna?

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see exactly what “more anthemic” means, but I’m just a tad skeptical.

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Afternoon Listening

If you’re looking for something to listen to this afternoon, let me suggest that you head over to one of my favorite blogs – Bradley’s Almanac – and listen to two recent live shows from REM and Grand Archives.

The REM show is here.
The Grand Archives show is here.


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