Radiohead In Rainbows Out on October 10th

Frankly, I’m a little confused, but according to Brooklyn Vegan, the new Radiohead album comes out on October 10th via download and sometime in December in hard copy. And you can apparently pick your price, or something.

Color me confused, but certainly somewhat excited. And I’m not even that big a fan.

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Okkervil River @ Rock and Roll Hotel, DC [9/30/07]

I’ve seen several shows this year that I would classify as great, including shows by The Figgs, The Frames, The National, Wheat and Wilco. Tonight’s show by Okkervil River may have topped them all.

Amazingly, this was actually my first time seeing the band live. I’ve had tickets to see them 2 or 3 times before, and also had opportunities to catch them for free during SXSW and New York’s summer River to River concert series, but something has always come up (usually timing – the free shows were too early, and I think the band went on stage somewhere around 1:30am at their last show at the Knitting Factory).
I will never miss them again.

If you’ve listened to the band’s albums, you know (or at least you should) that this is a great band. What you may not know, and I certainly didn’t, is that they are a great, rollicking rock band. I wish I could see them again tomorrow. How long a drive is it from DC to Chapel Hill?

Okkervil River

As if Okkervil’s performance wasn’t enough, I was thrilled to discover when I showed up at the club that Jonathan Meiberg would be opening the show (along with Damian Jurado). In addition to being a member of Okkervil, you may also know Meiberg as the frontman for the Shearwater. We were treated to a number of Shearwater songs, including a new song, as well as an Alastair Roberts cover. Can’t wait to get a new Shearwater album.

Damian Jurado also played an excellent set. He’s one of those guys whose name I’ve heard for years but never gotten around to listening to. I’ll have to remedy that.

Jonathan Meiberg

Damian Jurado

Keep your eyes on the All Songs Considered page for audio of tonight’s show. I can’t recommend strongly enough that you download it when you get the chance.

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Iran So Far

Short of Eddie Murphy becoming 20 again and returning to the show, there is nothing that would ever make me starting watching (or even Tivo’ing) Saturday Night Live again. I stopped around 1991 and haven’t missed it.

But it is good to see Andy Samberg continue his streak of Digital Shorts hits. I was a big fan of The ‘Bu, and it’s cool to see him having success on a wider scale (even if it did become ridiculously overplayed with that Chronicles of Narnia bit.)

So, without further ado…

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Because I Can, Dammit


If you can survive this, you can survive anything.

Oh, I discovered this on local Arlington, VA cable access. Greatest public access find ever.

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Buy June, Get November

Here’s the official release schedule for the New Pornographers’ so-called “Buy Early, Get Now” Executive Edition box set, via today’s Matador Records newsletter.

If they’d told me this in June, there’s not a chance in hell I would have done it.

Those who’ve participated in the Buy Early Get Now scheme for
‘Challengers’ have been wondering (rightfully so) what’s up with the
bonus downloads? The schedule (subject to change, just like your
voice) looks something like this:


July 4th – The Speed of Luxury (B-Side)
Aug 3rd – Silent Systems (B-Side)
Aug 28th – Fortune (iTunes pre-order B-Side)
September 11 – 3 demos – Showstoppers, Failsafe and Myriad Harbour
September 25 – Alternate mix of “Go Places”
October – Challengers video and photos
November – ‘Live From The Future’, Fugue States (iTunes album-only
B-Side) and photos

Never again, guys, never again.

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Ryan Adams Meltdown #412

Man, this time he even made the front page of CNN. Nicely done, Ry.

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Magnolia Electric Co. @ Black Cat, DC [9/27/07]

(Short review. Busy day. Sorry.)

Fantastic show by Magnolia Electric Co. last night at the Black Cat. I’d seen the band once before at the Knitting Factory in New York and wasn’t terribly impressed. Looking back, though, it had to have either been an off night, or I just wasn’t paying attention, because their performance last night was nothing less than stunning. Truly one of the best performances I’ve seen this year.

Next show: Tonight, an artist who will not be named. Going as a favor to a friend. There will be no writeup or pictures, in the interest of protecting my “street cred”. And no, it’s not Jackopierce.

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Skipping Glen/Marketa

So I underestimated (or, as our President would say, “misunderestimated”) exactly how much Swell Season tickets would cost. I guessed $50 after service fees. It’s actually $52 after service fees. And Lincoln Theatre is general admission, meaning that for $52 I still have to show up when doors open if I want to avoid the possibility of getting stuck in the back.

Umm, no thanks.

I might have paid $52 for a seat nice and close to center stage, but even that would have been a close call. But, really, $52 to see the same 15 songs these two have been playing for a year and a half now?

I love ya, Glen, but this show is a complete and utter rip-off.

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Bishop Allen and Vanderslice Podcasts on NPR

Just a short public service announcement:

Audio from last weekend’s Bishop Allen and John Vanderslice show at the Rock and Roll Hotel is now available at NPR. You can either stream the performances or download them as podcasts.

I’m listening to the Bishop Allen set and remembering how much I enjoyed their set. It’s also reminding me that I felt during the show – and continue to feel now – that Justin’s voice is quite different live than it is on record. Not in a bad way, but it kind of sounds like a different person singing.


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New Bruce Video, "Long Walk Home"

Via Rolling Stone’s Rock Daily blog:

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Watch Saturday Night Live on October 6th

Join me in watching, or more likely Tivo’ing, Saturday Night Live on October 6th.

Why? The show will be hosted by the hilarious Seth Rogen and will feature a musical performance by Spoon.

Yep, you read that correctly. Spoon will be the second Merge Records artist to play the show (following Arcade Fire), and is yet another sign of the impending apocalypse. Next thing you know I’ll be standing next to 11-year-olds and their moms at The Thermals show at the Black Cat in November. (Well, if they’re hot moms, then I guess that’s cool.)

This will be the first time I’ve intentionally watched any portion of Saturday Night Live since sometime in the mid-90’s.

(Thanks to Kingblind for the heads up!)

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No Merge Showcase at CMJ This Year

It just occurred to me that I hadn’t heard anything yet about Merge Records’ annual label showcase at CMJ, so I jumped over to the Merge forums and coincidentally found a posting by Christina (of Merge) from this morning.

According to Christina’s post, four Merge bands will be playing at various times during the festival (no Shout Out Louds, Oakley Hall or Caribou?), and the label will be hosting a Saturday day show at Sound Fix Records (which they’ve also done in the past). However, it looks like there’s no official evening showcase this year.

Guess we can chalk this up as another reason for me not to go to CMJ this year…

Merge Bands at CMJ

Tues., 10/16: The Rosebuds @ Bowery Ballroom (BrooklynVegan Showcase)

Wed., 10/17: Imperial Teen @ Maxwell’s

Thurs., 10/18: Imperial Teen @ Southpaw (Jelly NYC Showcase)

Fri., 10/19: The Broken West @ Mercury Lounge (Big Shot Touring Showcase)

Sat., 10/20: Merge Records Day [FREE] @ Sound Fix Records (w/ The Broken West, Imperial Teen & Special Guest)
Sat., 10/20: Spoon @ Roseland Ballroom

What do you want to bet that the “special guest” at the Merge day party is Spoon?

Edited to add: Commenter Charlie says that the “special guest” is Oakley Hall. That makes sense. Spoon at Sound Fix would just be way too crowded.

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Babyshambles, "French Dog Blues"

I mentioned the other day how much I’m liking the new Babyshambles CD. While I don’t have any band-approved MP3s to share with you yet, you can see a video for “French Dog Blues” below. It’s one of the better songs on the disc, but there’s better still.

(Via Stereogum.)

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I Will Not Be Watching 24 This Year

As if the last season of 24 wasn’t stupid, annoying, preposterous and idiotic enough, there’s word that this season is going to be even worse…

In the tradition of:

(a) Jake not dying on Melrose Place when the fucking boat blew up, and
(b) Bobby not really being dead on Dallas, and
(c) the dude coming back in Soap Dish after being decapitated, and
(d) Comedy Central continuing to renew Carlos Mencia’s show, and
(e) the fact that D.C. keeps reelecting Marion Barry to office,

comes news that Tony Almeda is alive after all.


And even worse — he’s the main bad guy now.

Give me a fucking break. I’m done with this show.

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A Return Engagement in Austin

So, after weeks (or was it months?) of hand-wringing, hemming and hawing, I finally decided today to suck it up and buy myself a badge for next year’s SXSW festival.

Last year we bought wristbands for $150 or so which got us into most, but not all, of the shows we wanted. However, the SXSW folks warned us last year that, due to increasing demand and strain on hotel space, they might be phasing out the wristbands for out-of-town visitors this year. (I’m fairly certain there will still be wristbands for local Austinites.) So the question was whether we wanted to spend $500 on a music badge, in addition to hotel and airfare.

It should come as no surprise that my answer was yes.

So, while it’s still six months away, I can officially say that I’m getting excited for SXSW. (Especially because it looks like I’m skipping CMJ this year.)

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