Stream Four New Son Volt Songs

Head over to Son Volt’s website to stream four songs from the band’s new album, The Search. The four songs are:

“The Picture”
“Circadian Rhythm”
“The Search”

These are the same songs that the band’s site was streaming only 30 second snippets of last week. They’re pretty damn good, and “Methamphetamine” may be one of my favorite Son Volt songs in close to a decade.

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Ryan Adams’ Easy Tiger Out on June 1st

From Rolling Stone’s Rock Daily blog:

Ryan Adams has announced a release date for his new album, Easy Tiger. We’ll be halfway into 2007 by the time this album comes out on June 1st. Could everyone’s favorite tormented troubadour be slowing down? Maybe he’s just taken the time to make Easy Tiger really awesome. Though the final sequence of tracks if not yet finalized, these songs will appear on the album: “Goodnight Rose”, “Everybody Knows”, “The Sun Also Sets”, “Halloween Head”, “Off Broadway”, “Two Hearts”, “Tears Of Gold”, “These Girls”, “Two”, “I Taught Myself How To Grow Old”, “Oh My God, Whatever, Etc.”, “Rip Off”, and “Pearls On A String”.

Excellent… hope he raps on it.

By the way, if you haven’t heard it, “Off Broadway” is one of the songs from Ryan’s “lost” Suicide Handbook album. It’s one of my favorite Ryan songs, and I’m thrilled to see it on the tracklist. Guess this means Ryan won’t be releasing Suicide Handbook like he said was going to, though. Oh well.

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Frames Cancel SXSW Dates

Sadly, it appears that The Frames will not be appearing at South by Southwest next month. Although the band had been scheduled to play twice during the festival, the band’s website posted a warning a day or two ago that those shows were “unlikely” due to an unspecified scheduling conflict. As of this morning, the website now confirms that those dates are being canceled because the band needs to go into the studio to record music for Glen’s movie, Once. Crap. Hopefully this means that they’ve gotten some serious financing for the movie, and we’ll be seeing it in the U.S.

The rest of the band’s U.S. tour in April is unaffected, thankfully. Guess this just means I might have to try to catch them in Philly or D.C. in addition to New York.

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Upcoming WOXY Lounge Acts

WOXY has some great live performances coming up this week from the Noise Pop Festival in San Francisco. In addition to streaming live Noise Pop performances from Midlake, Clinic, John Vanderslice and others, they’re also going to be hosting several afternoon Lounge Acts, including a very special acoustic set from Ted Leo. Peep the schedule:

Thurs., 3/1, 2:30pm: Jolie Holland
Fri., 3/2, 2:30pm: Ted Leo
Mon., 3/5, 12:00pm: Georgie James
Mon., 3/5, 12:30pm: Love Like Fire

I believe all times are EST.

And check out last week’s Lounge Act from David Vandervelde here. Worth checking out for the cover of “Cocksucker Blues” alone.

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Filter’s SXSW Day Shows

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National Announce 4 NYC Shows

Pitchfork is reporting that The National has announced a series of four (!!) shows at New York’s Bowery Ballroom in May. The shows — Monday, May 28th through Thursday, May 31st — are in conjunction with the release of the band’s new album, Boxer, on May 22nd. (Go to Pitchfork to see the really cool cover.) No word as to when tickets go on sale, but I’d keep my eyes on Ticketweb this Wednesday morning if I were you.

Unfortunately, I’m 99.9% sure that these are the first big NYC shows I’ll be missing due to my impending departure (temporary-ish, I hope) from New York. I’m sure they’ll add a DC date to the tour, won’t they?!?

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New Golden Smog EP Due April 24th

You may recall that, around the time last summer that Golden Smog released Another Fine Day, its first album in eight years, the band announced that it also had an eight-song EP in the can which would come out in the fall of 2006. Well, that release date pretty much came and went (just as Another Fine Day did too, sadly), and I had started to wonder if we were ever going to hear this EP.

Well, sometime-reader Joel points out today that the EP finally has a release date — April 24th. Entitled Blood on the Slacks, the disc will include six original songs, together with covers of David Bowie’s “Starman” and Dinosaur Jr.’s “Tarpit”. No word on pre-sale yet, or whether the song titles themselves will be clever plays on Dylan song titles. “Idiot (Breaks) Wind”? “You’re a Really Big Girl”? The possibilities are endless.

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Another Example of SNL Not Sucking

Lord knows there aren’t many…

I doubt that my partners would go along with it, but I’m prepared to give the Arcade Fire a spot on my business’ Board of Directors.

(Thanks to Stereogum for the heads up.)

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Damien Rice Announces Spring North American Tour

This would have been a lot more exciting to me 3 years ago. Then again, given the size of the rooms he’s playing, maybe it wouldn’t have.

Presale tickets go on sale tomorrow, Monday, February 26th, at 10AM. I won’t post the pre-sale password because, well, I still believe that mailing list folks should have the first shot at these tickets. It ain’t a hard password to guess, though.

24 Apr USA Vancouver, BC – Center for the Arts
26 Apr USA Portland, OR – Roseland
28 Apr USA Oakland, CA – Paramount
1 May USA San Diego, CA – Spreckles
2 May USA Tucson, AZ – Music Hall
4 May USA Salt Lake City,UT – McKay Center
5 May USA Denver, CO – Paramount
7 May USA Dallas, TX – Majestic
8 May USA Houston, TX – Verizon
9 May USA Austin,TX – Bass Hall
11 May USA St.Louis, MO – Pageant
13 May USA Kansas City, MO – Uptown
14 May USA Chicago, IL – Opera House
15 May USA Minneapolis, MN – Northrop
17 May USA Detroit, MI – State Theatre
18 May Canada Toronto, ON – Massey Hall
20 May Canada Montreal, QUE – Olympia
21 May USA New York, NY – Radio City Music Hall
22 May USA Boston, MA – Opera House
24 May USA Philadelphia, PA – The Mann Center
25 May USA Washington, DC – Constitution Hall
26 May USA Louisville, KY – Palace
29 May USA Indianapolis, IN – Murat
30 May USA Atlanta, GA – Tabernacle
31 May USA Memphis, TN – Orpheum

No word on openers. I’m betting it ain’t The Frames. Maybe Pedestrian?

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Ted Leo Secret Show Canceled!

In the crappiest news I’ve had all week, this Sunday’s “secret” Ted Leo show at the Mercury Lounge has been canceled due to illness. I just got an email from TicketWeb, and Brooklyn Vegan is confirming that the show has been canceled b/c Ted is sick. Crap.

Get well soon, Ted, and let’s try this again sometime soon.

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Some exciting news from the kids over at WOXY — they’ll be having a major presence at SXSW this year.

First, they’ll be hosting several live Lounge Act sessions during the day from Monday through Saturday from a “secluded” location. Can we go? Pretty please? (Bands still TBA.)

Second, they’re hosting a Day Party on Friday featuring Bob Mould, The Bird and the Bee, The Little Ones (yay!), The Broken West (yay more!), Aqueduct and Snowden. The party is hosted by comedian/homeless dude on the Sarah Silverman show Zach Galifinakis.

Not bad from a radio station that’s died twice, eh? The only bad thing? Still no free pants.

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Dennis Johnson, R.I.P.

Some sad non-music news out of Boston today. Former Boston Celtics great Dennis Johnson died at the age of 52. There are no details yet as to the cause of death. He had been coaching the Celtics’ developmental team in Austin, TX, and he apparently collapsed at the end of the team’s practice session today.

I was a huge fan of the Celtics while growing up, and have fond memories of watching DJ, Bird, Ainge et al smack around the Lakers in the 80’s. DJ was one of the guys that made the NBA special back then — he played his heart out, hustled for every ball, and seemed like a genuinely good guy. The NBA doesn’t have enough of that anymore.

DJ, you’ll be missed.

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New "Better" Not The Final "Better", So Sayeth Not-Buckethead

Phew. It turns out that the new, most definitely not-better version of “Better” making the rounds the last few days is not the final version. Your source for all things heavy metal, Blabbermouth, quotes GNR guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal as stating:

“This is why leaks are a problem. It’s like working on a painting, and someone displaying it when it’s only half done. It hurts the artist because something’s getting out there that people assume is the final version, the best version, etc. The other people that it hurts are the FANS — I mean, the *real* fans, the ones that care the most.

“The latest ‘leak’ is obviously some experimental mix of ‘Better’ — not any version I ever heard, but I don’t claim to have heard everything that’s out there… Whoever put it out there did a real mindfucking of the fans, especially to do it now, when the album’s release is growing closer.

“I have faith in everyone involved in the mixing of the album that they won’t disappoint, they’ll stay true to what you love about GN’R.”

Thank the Lord. And by Lord, I mean Axl.

[Photo source. Greatest guitar ever?]

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Annuals on WOXY

If you missed it, Annuals played a fantastic Lounge Act session on yesterday. I’m not a huge fan of the band’s Be He Me album, which just about put me to sleep the time I tried to listen to it, but I was really impressed by this session. I may need to add them to my SXSW lineup. You can download the band’s WOXY Lounge Act here.

Oh, and be sure to listen to WOXY tomorrow (2/23) to catch Lounge Acts by Six Parts Seven at 11am and David Vandervelde at 3pm.

[Photo source.]

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Is This The Official Version of "Better"?

Not sure how I missed this yesterday, but Idolator is reporting that the final version of the new Guns n’ Roses song, “Better” — from Chinese Democracy, of course — has leaked. You can hear it here.

Gotta say, I liked the leaked version from last year more. This version is too polished — Axl’s vocals are a little too rounded out (not as raw as last year’s leak), the first guitar solo doesn’t kill like it used to (Axl had new guitarist Bumblefoot re-record Buckethead’s parts), and Axl for some reason decided to add some atrocious keyboard bubble-like effects to last minute or so of the song.. And Axl’s vocals are just a tad too high in the mix.

That said, the song is still damn good. I just hope Axl didn’t diminish a great album by tinkering with it too much.

If I didn’t think that my ass would get a cease and desist, I’d post the old version for you to compare and contrast. With 2 months (or so) left in my legal career, now ain’t the time I want to get myself disbarred.

Edited to add: Looks like the track has been pulled, sorry. Also, the band announced today that the previously mentioned March 6th release date has, of course, been pushed. The good news? The band claims to still be mixing the album, so MAYBE that wasn’t the final version of “Better” after all. Which would be a good thing.

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