The American Beauty Project

There’s a pretty interesting show going on here in NYC in January that I just learned about. Entitled The American Beauty Project, the show will pay tribute to the Grateful Dead’s two Americana-oriented albums from 1970, American Beauty and Workingman’s Dead.

The show will be presented for free over two days (Jan. 20-21) under the glass atrium of the Winter Garden at the World Financial Center, and will feature, among others, Jay Farrar, Mark Eitzel, Tim O’Reagan, Jorma Kaukonen, Dar Williams and many more, performing songs from the two Dead albums.

I may be an indie kid these days, but I’m still a huge Dead fan at heart, and this sounds like it should be very cool. For more information check out the project’s MySpace page.

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Rock Show Tonight!

Head over to The Annex tonight for some old fashioned ass-kickin’ rock and roll.

8pm: Redflecks
9pm: Le Firm
10pm: The 101
11pm: Eons

If you haven’t caught Le Firm yet, now’s the time. They’re playing with one of my favorite NYC-area bands, The 101. I’m sure they hate this reference, but The 101 are led by Eric Richter, who you may remember from the seminal 90’s band Christie Front Drive, and his early 00’s band, Antarctica. The 101 may be my favorite thing from Eric yet.

See you there!

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Shows Of Note

A few NYC shows of note going on sale this week (or already on sale):

Fri., Dec. 29: Glassjaw at Webster Hall (on sale today at noon)

Sun., Dec. 31: The Slip at Northsix (on sale now)

Thurs., Jan. 18: Sloan at Bowery Ballroom (on sale Friday at noon)

Fri., Jan. 19: Mission of Burma at Irving Plaza (on sale now)

Fri., Mar. 9 and Sat., Mar. 10: Of Montreal at Irving Plaza (both on sale now)

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New Music From The Eames Era

One of the many young bands that I’ve really gotten into this year is Baton Rouge, LA’s The Eames Era. The band excellent 2005 album, Double Dutch [BUY], got a lot of play around the Stew headquarters after I discovered through WOXY earlier this year.

Well, now WOXY tells me that the band has finished a new album entitled Heroes and Sheroes, and the album will be out in early 2007. Three songs from the new album are now available on the band’s MySpace page. Or you can check out a couple songs from the band here:

“Little Brother” (from Heroes and Sheroes)

“Year of the Waitress” (from Double Dutch)

Highly recommended.

(Photo source)

Edited to add: I changed the link for “Little Brother”. It was a direct link to download the song from MySpace. This time I’ve uploaded it onto Box and you should now be able to stream it.

By the way, EZArchive has made some new changes, and it looks like they may be a viable option again. Good news.

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Portastatic Video, "Song For A Clock"

Check it out:

“Song For A Clock” is off of the band’s excellent 2006 album, Be Still Please [BUY].

Oh, and check this out too. I’ve never seen this before:

This one’s from 1995’s Slow Note From A Sinking Ship [BUY].

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New Broken West, "Hale Sunrise"

One of my favorite new bands, The Broken West, is streaming a new song called “Hale Sunrise” over at their MySpace page. The song is from their forthcoming debut LP, I Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On, which is due out in early 2007 via Merge Records. Another excellent song from these guys. I can already tell the album will be one of my favorites for 2007.

If you’re in the L.A. area over the next month or two, do yourself a favor and check the band on the following dates:

Dec. 7: SoHo (Santa Barbara) with Calexico
Jan. 8: Spaceland residency
Jan. 15: Spaceland residency
Jan. 22: Spaceland residency
Jan. 29: Spaceland residency

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Sad News

Just months after their four separate marriage ceremonies, Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock have each filed for divorce.

Why is it that the best matches sometimes just don’t work out?

Err, yeah. I’ll be getting back to usual coverage soon. Then I go to Vegas on Thursday, so there’ll be a couple days of radio silence again.

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AOL Roundup (Week of November 28)

Happy Cyber Monday, everyone. Go buy something, because there ain’t shit to listen to at AOL this week.

Patti LaBelle, The Gospel According To…

Pilot Speed, Into The West (from AOL: “This buzz-band shows the intensity of U2, mixed with the passion of Coldplay.” I haven’t even heard it, but this sure sounds like one of the seven signs. Get to your local radiation shelters.)

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So I turn my attention away from WOXY for a couple of days and what happens? They go nuts with two huge announcements.

The first announcement isn’t much of a surprise, though it’s a good one – WOXY Vintage is returning in December. If you’re unfamiliar with WOXY Vintage, it used to be the separate stream where WOXY would play all the best modern rock, regardless of era. They’d play older stuff like Siouxsie and the Banshees, Elvis Costello, and Jane’s Addiction, and more recent stuff from Guided by Voices, Pavement and Superchunk. The Vintage channel went down with WOXY back in September, and has stayed silent even since the main station’s relaunch, even though there have been rumors of its revival since then. For the first few weeks, WOXY’s bringing back the Vintage only on weekends, 9am-3pm, on the main feed. Once they get their legs, they’ll be adding a separate stream dedicated to the Vintage. Good news.

The second announcement is a bit more surprising — WOXY has announced that its long-awaited third DJ is none other than Joe Long of the Each Note Secure blog. If you’re not familiar with it, ENS is a helluva blog, and has been a good friend to WOXY over the last couple of years. I just didn’t have any idea that Joe was a DJ at heart. Based on his blog, I think Joe’s got the right musical sense for WOXY, and think they’ve made a damn fine choice. Joe will be starting on the evening shift sometime in next few weeks.

And I’ll say it again — listen to some freakin’ WOXY. Best radio around.

Oh, and hooray, I’m almost feeling normal. Almost.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Sorry for the lack of updates the last couple of days. I seem to have come up with some sort of flu-type thing which has left me pretty useless since Monday. Even had to cancel my holiday travel, unfortunately. Assuming I start feeling better, I hope to post some interesting new music in the next day or two. We’ll see.

Oh, and if you’ve got any Thanksgiving leftovers, feel free to send ’em my way. My Thanksgiving dinner will likely be Chipotle.

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Why I Love SeeqPod, Part 2

Because how else can I put together a playlist of 80’s gems like this in the space of 3 minutes and have an hour’s worth of listening enjoyment?

The 80’s Were Wicked Awesome

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Two Shows I Won’t Be Seeing Tonight

There’s two great shows in New York tonight that you should try to hit if you have a chance.

First up is The Little Ones at Mercury Lounge. The band is scheduled to go on at 9pm, and Small Sins play at 10pm. Tickets are $12 and are still available.

I don’t really know from Small Sins, so if it were me I’d head out after The Little Ones to catch The Key Party at Marion’s Marquee Lounge (354 Bowery) at 10pm. If you’ll recall, The Key Party is the new project from Darren of The Great Shakes. This show is FREE.

Unfortunately, I won’t be hitting either show. I’ve had some ridiculous cold-slash-not-quite-flu thing going since Friday, so I’ll be on the couch watching How I Met Your Mother and Heroes. This cold’s totally killing me. It already made me miss Mudhoney, and now this. Not happy.

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The Manhattan Love Suicides

Well, WOXY’s done it again. They’ve introduced me to yet another band I’d never heard of, and one that just may be my new favorite band – The Manhattan Love Suicides.

The band’s label, Squirrel Records, pretty much hits the nail on the head with its description of the band: Fuzzed up, black clad, feedback, lo-fi female fronted pop brilliance. Think Guided by Voices, Jesus and Mary Chain, and Velvet Underground, all mixed up.

Check out this this SeeqPod playlist to hear a couple songs from the band, including the excellent “Things You’ve Never Done”, as well as a few comparable bands that Matt mentions in the comment section (Shop Assistants, The Flatmates and Heavenly).

You can also hear more from the band at their MySpace page.

The Manhattan Love Suicides’ self-titled debut album comes out next Tuesday, November 28th on Magic Marker Records in the US. Matt points out that it can be pre-ordered here.

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Ever Vigilant In The War on Terror

If they’d have let him ride a motorcycle in the 60’s, maybe he would have gone to Vietnam then too. Err, probably not.

(Photo source)

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AOL Roundup (Week of November 21)

There’s a few things worth checking out this week, but nothing all that compelling.

Jay Z, Kingdom Come

2Pac, Pac’s Life (This is the 817th album 2Pac has released since he died. Dude is sittin’ on an island somewhere laughing at all your gullible asses.)

Snoop Dogg, The Blue Carpet Treatment (With production by Dr. Dre and the Neptunes)

Brand New, The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me (Another emo band tries to go legit)

Sufjan Stevens, Songs for Christmas (Only “select tracks” of the 5-CD box set are streaming at AOL. Does anyone care at this point?)

Oasis, Stop The Clocks (Greatest hits)

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