Video Hits One

A couple of cool videos for your viewing pleasure. Both are highly recommended, but for vastly different reasons.

Pink Nasty, “Away Message”

Thanks to David for the head’s up on Pink Nasty. Will have more to say about her as soon as I get through her whole CD.

Kennedy, “Who’s Lovin’ Your Mama?”

Thanks to the fine folks at Reverb Nation for the tip on this one. I’ll also have more to say about these guys (Reverb Nation, that is) before long. Until then, though, I strongly recommend that any and all musicians out there go join up (for free!) and take their site for a test drive. You’ll be glad you did.

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Dangerbird Records at CMJ

The Battering Room has info about Dangerbird Records’s CMJ showcase. The show will be held on Thursday night (11/2) at Pianos, and will include:

Silversun Pickups
La Rocca
Darker My Love
Dappled Cities Fly
Jim Fairchild

Unless something unexpected and spectacular comes up, consider me there. I just checked Ticketweb, and tickets aren’t on sale yet.

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Long Winters @ Bowery Ballroom, NYC [9/29/06]

The Long Winters, “Cinnamon” (from When I Pretend to Fall)
The Long Winters, “Ultimatum” (from Ultimatum EP)

Seattle’s Long Winters returned to New York last night for the first time in several years. I could be wrong on the date, but I think their last show in town was at Northsix back in 2003. At least that’s the last time I saw them.

Anyway, their show hasn’t changed too much in that time. John Roderick is still the funniest front man in indie rock. The band still has an incredible catalog of catchy, intelligent songs, which includes several of my favorite songs of the last few years (“Cinnamon”, “Prom Night at Hater High”, “Ultimatum”). They still play a long set (approx. 90 minutes) with no encore. And they’re still hit or miss from song to song. On some songs they sound unstoppable (see “Pushover”), on others they’re disjointed and off (see “Fire Island, Ak”).

At the end of the day, though, you don’t go to a Long Winters show (or any indie rock show, for that matter, except maybe Yo La Tengo) for perfect execution. You go to hear a bunch of great songs played loud and have a good time. And the Long Winters delivered on that again last night.

Two other notes/thoughts from last night. First, John mentioned that the band plans to come back into town in March, so keep your eyes out for that. Second, although the show was sold out (they sold their last ticket at the door just before I got in), the crowd was amazingly subdued. While there were a lot of people yelling out song titles, by the second half of the set, it was so quiet between songs that the room felt empty. Weird. It was almost like the energy of the room disappeared halfway through the set. I hope it wasn’t John’s (pretty funny, IMO) KKK joke.

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New Hold Steady Streaming

Stereogum points out that the new Hold Steady album, Boys and Girls in America, is now streaming at Vagrant Records’ website.

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Gob Iron, "Death’s Black Train"

The first single off of the forthcoming Gob Iron album, Death Songs For The Living, is now streaming at Jay Farrar’s website. Gob Iron is the new project from Jay Farrar and Anders Parker.

About the song:

“Death’s Black Train”: This song by the Rev. JM Gates can be found on the Legacy box set Roots and Blues; Farrar was attracted to its ethereal quality and the style in which it was originally presented. Although it belongs to a very different time and place, “the bedrock themes of sin and salvation” (as Farrar puts it) found in Gates’ songs make them especially resonant today.

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No Wonder Christgau Was Fired

What follows is Robert Christgau’s “review” of the new Decemberists album, The Crane Wife. Prepare to be astounded by the analysis and insight.

In the lyrically impaired alt-rock world, Colin Meloy is lionized for his literary prowess because his reading predates Bret Easton Ellis and he knows what “picaresque” means. That was the title of the Decemberists’ 2005 Kill Rock Stars album, which came complete with such arcana as a barrow boy, an infanta and a veranda. Supposedly inspired by the Japanese tale of the same name, The Crane Wife makes no concessions to its major label, unless engineering counts. Among its ten tracks are two song cycles that exceed ten minutes; among its topics are a Civil War romance, meat-cleaver murderers and a damsel dispatched with saber and pistol. [SOURCE]

By the way, he gave it 3.5 stars. I guess random number scoring is what qualifies as music criticism today. Pitchfork must be proud.

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Clap Your Hands Say Yeah @ Central Park Summerstage [9/28/06]

This will be a short post. No pictures right now, and maybe not at all. I wasn’t inspired to take many.

I feel like I threw $40 down the toilet last night. Opener Architecture in Helsinki were 20 times worse than I thought they’d be, and I expected them to be bad. The morning after, I’m still astounded that this is a band that’s gotten a ton of buzz over the last year. Simply put, they may be the worst band I’ve ever sat through in my life, and I’m including Endless Boogie. Speaking of endless, they played for an hour. What business does an opening band, let alone one that suuuuuuuuuuucks, have playing for an hour? None, thank you.

As for headliner Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, well, they weren’t awful. I really like their album and I thought they put on a fantastic show back in April at Bowery Ballroom. Last night, however, I was bored. Maybe it’s the fact that we’re hearing the same songs after 2 years, maybe it was the bad sound mix, maybe it was the completely unnecessary between-song musical “interludes”, and maybe it was just that the band seemed kinda bored themselves. Whatever it was, I left early, which I never do. I figured I’d feel guilty about leaving, but I don’t. In fact, I kinda wish I’d left earlier. Oh well.

I’m sure the Long Winters will be much, much better tonight.

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Let The Battering Room Be Your CMJ Guide

While I do my best to list what I feel are the more interesting CMJ shows, if you really want to know who’s playing when at this year’s CMJ, get over to The Battering Room. They’re pretty much schooling everyone right now when it comes to CMJ.

Edited to add: Actually, just go here for a comprehensive list of CMJ shows and lineups. It’s being updated continually as new shows are announced. Awesome.

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Gov’t Mule Peakin’ At The Beacon

Gov’t Mule is hitting The Beacon Theatre in New York for a 3-show New Year’s Eve run this year:

12/29: With guest Los Lobos
12/30: With guest North Mississippi Allstars
12/31: A special performance entitled “Dub Side of the Mule”, featuring special guest Toots Hibbert (of Toots & the Maytals)

“Dub Side of the Mule”? God that sounds awful.

There’s a pre-sale which started this morning, and regular tickets go on sale tomorrow at noon.

Those jam bands just love the Beacon. Do they not enforce NYC’s smoking ban there or something?

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CMJ Just Got Emo-licious

Yet another new CMJ announcement. On Saturday, November 4th, the Knitting Factory will be hosting Straylight Run, Chris Conley (of Saves the Day), Dan Andriano (of Alkaline Trio), Colour Revolt and five other bands I’ve never heard of as part of “Aquarian Weekly Presents Ellis Industries Night.” I’ve never heard of either Aquarian Weekly or Ellis Industries.

Ticket go on sale next Friday (10/6) at 5pm.

I’ll be doing my hair that night. Or I’ll be out of the country.

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The Mystery That Is Mercury Lounge’s CMJ Lineup

While most of the major NYC venues have slowly been announcing some or all of their CMJ lineups, Mercury Lounge has been a tad tight lipped. Well, one small detail has finally come out – blog favorites Forward, Russia! will be playing the Mercury on Thursday, November 2nd.

The band is on Leeds-based Dance To The Radio records, which has a deal of some sort with Mute in the U.S. Not sure if this is a Mute showcase or not. Some other Mute artists? The Knife, Jose Gonzalez, Liars, Nitzer Ebb and Paul van Dyk. I can also tell you that the band is touring in November with Snowden and Scanners. So maybe one or more of those artists will show up at Mercury as well. Or maybe not.

Forward, Russia!, “Four” (b-side)
Forward, Russia! on MySpace

Forward, Russia! US Tour

10/25, Seattle , WA (Crocodile Cafe)
10/26, Portland , OR (Dante’s)
10/28, Los Angeles , CA (Spaceland)
10/30, San Francisco , CA (Café du Nord)
11/2, New York , NY (Mercury Lounge)
11/27, Boston , MA (Great Scott)
11//28, New York , NY (Bowery Ballroom)
11/29, Philadelphia , PA (Johnny Brenda’s)
11/30, Montreal , QC (Mile End Cultural Centre Main Hall)
12/1, Toronto , ON (The Legendary Horshoe Tavern)
12/2, Detroit , MI (Magic Stick)
12/4, Cleveland , OH (Grog Shop)
12/5, Chicago , IL (Empty Bottle)
12/6, Minneapolis , MN (Triple Rock)
12/8, Kansas City , MO (The Record Bar)
12/9, Oklahoma City , OK (Conservatory)
12/10, Dallas , TX (Gypsy Tea Room)
12/11, Austin , TX (Stubbs)
12/12, Houston , TX (Walters)
12/14, Atlanta , GA (Earl)
12/15, Chapel Hill , NC (Local 506)
12/16, Washington , D.C. (Black Cat)

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And… It’s Official

We already knew this, but the fine folks at WOXY updated the front page of their site today to include this awesome, awesome message: lives…

Could it be true? Does lightning strike the same place twice? Apparently it does. It is indeed the real deal — will be back on-the-air soon and better than ever! Seems like we’re proving ourselves to be master escape artists in eluding the icy depths of the deadpool. We can’t wait to kick out the jams and hope you are, too. In the meantime, please do join us on the boards, and if you haven’t done so already, make sure you sign up for our email list to the right.

More details very, very soon…

– Mike, Shiv and Bryan Jay

Makes me happy.

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Greatest Sports Radio Ever

I had no idea Michigan State fans cared so much. Wow.

It’s 15 minutes long, but worth every damn second.

(Thanks to MGoBlog for pointing this out, and extra thanks to The House Rock Built for posting the audio!)

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Two nights!

November 5th, 2006 – East Rutherford, NJ @ Continental Airlines Arena

November 10th, 2006 – New York City, NY @ Madison Square Garden

Tickets for both go on sale Saturday, September 30th at 9AM. That ain’t smart.

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Catherine Popper Leaves the Cardinals

In other Ryan Adams news, bassist Catherine Popper has left the Cardinals. An announcement on Ryan’s newly redesigned website reads, in part:

Immediately following a quick swing through the Los Angeles area in mid-September, The Cardinals will spend six weeks in Europe playing an extended series of live dates (see full itinerary below). The Cardinals regret to announce the departure of Catherine Popper from the group. Catherine’s decision to bow out was based on her own personal reasons and we all wish her well in her future musical pursuits. …

Talk about burying the news. I hadn’t heard this anywhere.

So, can we all stop pretending that the Cardinals are a “real” band now?

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