And Now Introducing…

A couple of fresh discoveries for you this morning. Maybe they’re not discoveries to you, but they are to me, and, frankly, that’s all that matters. :^)

The Whigs

Holy crap is this band good. I’ve been seeing their name popping around the web (and Rolling Stone’s “bands to watch” list) for a few weeks, and being the diehard Afghan Whigs fan that I am, I wrote them off as unbelievable assholes for taking the name.

Then, yesterday I saw that they’re playing with Jon Auer (of the legendary Posies) at the Mercury Lounge in May, and figured I should find out what they sound like. And holy schnikes am I glad I did. Head over to their website immediately and check out their “Hear Things” jukebox (bottom right of the page). I am currently falling head over heels in love with their song “Technology.” Seriously. Unbelievable song. They also have a couple more songs at their myspace site.

Edited to add: They’re at Pianos next Wednesday night. Tickets are $8. I just bought me one.

The Idaho Falls

Matt pointed me in the direction of The Idaho Falls this morning. He described them as “Great So Cal alt country with a big old dash of Byrds jangle thrown in.” I don’t think he could have described them any better. Good stuff. And apparently they now share members with both The Tyde and Mojave 3. Not shabby. Check ’em out:

“California Day”
“Country Song”

You can also hear what one of the band members’ mom has to say about their last album. She was very favorably impressed.

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My Latest Novel

No, this isn’t the posting where I suddenly reveal that I’m writing a book, and that this blog is nothing more than a cheap PR tool for said book. As I’ve said, I’m a lawyer, not a fiction writer. Err… I may need to consider that statement a little more closely. Anyway, you get the point.

My Latest Novel are, in fact, a band from Scotland. Prior to this morning, I’d never heard of them. Luckily for me, our friends at Gorilla vs. Bear are better at this whole music blog thing than I am, and posted a few of their songs. They’re downright beautiful. Don’t miss these.

“The Reputation of Ross Francis”

“The Hope Edition”

And you can find a link to “Sister Sneaker Sister Soul” on their web page.

Their album, Wolves, is available here for about US$19 including shipping from the UK.

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The Least Necessary Cover. Ever.

In, err, celebration of their Greatest Hits album coming out next week, Poison has recorded a cover of Grand Funk Railroad’s “We’re an American Band”, which begs the question: is this the least necessary cover of all time?

Believe me, I loved me some Poison in the late 80s, and my first ever concert was Poison with Tesla opening at Riverfront Coliseum in Cincinnati in, let’s say, 1988. But shit, this is awful. It’s worse that that Jenny Lewis/Conor Oberst cover of the Traveling Wilburys’ “Handle with Care”. (Link via Villains Always Blink.)

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It Could Be a Crackhead..

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You Wish You Were Beatle Bob

Straight to the links:

Danielson, “Did I Step on Your Trumpet” (via Gorilla vs. Bear)

Handsome Furs (another Wolf Parade side project), Title Unknown (via Said the Gramophone)

Ryan Adams and Beth Orton, “Brown Sugar” (via Veritas Lux Mea)

Hockey Night (no, not Pavement), “Who We Are” (via Flux Blog)

Libertines, “Lazy Sunday” (via The Torture Garden)

Robert Pollard, “Dancing Girls and Dancing Men” (live from SXSW) (link via Large Hearted Boy, naturally)

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Ya’ll Wanna Do Some Cocaine?

Channel 101 is the gift that keeps on giving. If you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you!

Check out The ‘Bu.

God bless unemployed actors. And Sarah Chalke.

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The Lord Giveth..

Just as I complain that the interweb has been bereft of top-notch linkage of late, this afternoon comes along and bitch-slaps me something fierce. So forget I ever said anything, and go listen to these..

Firstly, RBally has a kick-ass live Replacements show up. (Link via Ear Farm.) I’m not sure if this is the same show that I had video linked for last week…

Secondly, there’s a bunch of bands I’m hearing for the first time and, generally, liking.

The Envelopes, “Sister in Love” (Link via The Catbird Seat.)

Man Man, “Feathers” and “Black Mission Goggles”. Seriously, I tried to hate these guys because of the name, and the growing blog noise, but I seriously dig what I’m hearing. Dammit. (Link via Everything is Fire.)

The Shins, “The Gloating Sun”. Of course I know the Shins, but I’ve never heard this song of theirs before. Pretty. Nice. Shinsy. (Link via Revolution in the Head.)

The Soft Lighties, “Black Skinheads in White Pants”. (Link via Eardrums.)

Thirdly, more songs are leaking from the new Drive-By Truckers disc A Blessing and a Curse [Preorder it!]. Indie for Dummies links to two songs:

“Easy on Yourself”

And fourthly, in honor of this week’s return of Yacht Rock, I bring you a little H&O, baby. Had I Known You Better Then. (Link via Adventures of a University Finalist.)

PS: I link to a photo of the White Power Twins for no reason other than that they amuse me.

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Pure Nonsensical Hilarity

That’s how I would describe the new Channel 101 show, Lunatic, which chronicles a day in the life of Larry, the next door psycho-killer. Someone needs to turn this into a movie called Tuesdays With Larry.

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Slow News Day

And it’s been a pretty slow week for new, interesting music around these parts. Here’s a couple interesting things floating around right now:

EarFarm discovers a band called The Vorstand Circus, and provides two pretty interesting songs. I think their reference to early-REM is a pretty good one…

“All Truth Now”

“Black Hole”

Kingblind has two pretty cool links, including the entire remix of Bloc Party’s Silent Alarm, as well as a live Jeff Mangum performance at Aquarius Records.

And, because I’m told his SXSW show was excellent, and that his girlfriend/drummer is hot, check out Steve Wynn live at the Double Door in Chicago on 3/21/06. (Link via Large Hearted Boy.)

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Fame, Fortune, Fagina

Episode 8 of Yacht Rock is now rockin’. Hard to tell if this is a farewell or simply the beginning of a whole new storyline, but if it is the end, we’ll always have John Oates’ chest hair to look back on in loving memory.

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R.I.P., Arrested Development, 2003-2006

Well, it looks like Hurwitz has decided not to continue despite a pretty nice offer on the table from Showtime.


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Mucho Wonderful

Work didn’t permit much in the way of posting today, so I’m going to just throw shit out there and you can all sort it out amongst yourselves.

For those of you who asked me in the last week or so, Birdmonster who?, well, this is who. And this. (Links via Gorilla vs. Bear and Music for Robots.) And if that ain’t enough, check out more at their MySpace site. Them boys is pretty good.

Go listen to a full radio show by The Raconteurs at Tea With Tufty. (Link via ProductShop.) I’ll tell you one last time. Raconteurs = Jack White + Brendan Benson + Greenhornes. This is the last time I’m dropping this knowledge. Next time, go Google it, bitch.

Is a Wolf Parade side project really that necessary? Decide for yourself. My answer? Fuck the fuck no. (Link via Gorilla vs. Bear.)

Holy. Fucking. Shit. For someone who prides himself on being pretty up-to-date on what’s going on with music, your friendly rogo2000 has been humbled like a motherfucker by An Aquarium Drunkard twice in the last week. First it was the unreleased Black Crowes disc that I wasn’t aware of, and now it’s a Southern-rock supergroup including, among others, Chris Robinson and Marc Ford of the Crowes and none other than Gary Louris, one of my favorite artists and songwriters of the last, well, let’s call it 15-ish years. Go listen. Oh, and for the Louris fans out there, word is that he’s working on a solo album.

I promised one of you that I’d give you the link to The Lefsetz Letter, a blog of daily rants insights into the music industry by Bob Lefsetz.

And finally, although it’s a down week for AOL this week (seriously, do people still listen to Rob Zombie? Did they ever?), you can go listen to Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s The Dust of Retreat and Nicolai Dunger’s Here’s My Song…. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc..

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BREAKING NEWS: The Beatings Will Kick Your Ass

Do yourself a favor and go check out The Beatings.

I heard a song from their new album, Holding on to Hand Grenades on WOXY a half hour ago, and immediately went online to see what else they have. What I found kicked my ass. Go listen. Now. Start with “Feel Good Ending.”

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And a Happy Saturday to You

Welcome to the weekend. If all goes according to plan, and if it’s up to the folks I work for it likely won’t, this weekend is going to be the kickoff of an amazing few weeks of live music here in NYC. Last night was Britain’s Mystery Jets at the Mercury Lounge, followed by the Arctic Monkeys tonight, Ted Leo tomorrow, Minus 5 on Tuesday, then the Flaming Lips, Josh Rouse, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Alkaline Trio, Lucero, Bob Pollard and Wilco. I seriously have to start remembering to bring my camera to these things..

Anyway, before the aforementioned bands take over my life, I figured I’d share a few songs which have defined the last few weeks for me..

The Buzzcocks, “Wish I Never Loved You”

The Delays, “You and Me”

The Eames Era, “Go To Sleep”

The Light Footwork, “The Art of Everyday Communication Part 1”

Mystery Jets, “You Can’t Fool Me Dennis”

As always, these are 7-day limited downloads. If you like what you hear, go buy something.

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Son Volt Returns to NYC

You know, those words don’t excite me as much as they would have in 1997. Too bad.

Anyway, Brooklyn Vegan points out that Son Volt will be playing at (or near) World Financial Center on Tuesday, June 20th. The Jay Farrar website confirms that this is part of the annual River to River series, and that the band will be going on at 7pm. It’s free, of course. I can only assume that this means we can also expect an announcement of a Ted Leo Seaport show in the coming weeks, and that another natural disaster will strike. Can’t wait.

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