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My SXSW 2014 – Bands/Sets Seen

As always, my standard for having “seen” a band/set is 2 full songs or 10 minutes, whichever is shorter. The point being to give a band a somewhat fair chance before bailing, if needed. Though truthfully the majority of these were full sets (or nearly so). A total of 86, thanks to a 30-band day on Saturday.

A handful of duplicates in here (Diarrhea Planet, Together Pangea, The Blind Shake). Duplicates counted toward the total.

Calliope Musicals
Diarrhea Planet
Together Pangea
James Supercave
LA Font
Potty Mouth
Guerrilla Toss
Spray Paint
Together Pangea
Magic Numbers
Quin Galavais
Tony Molina
Fever the Ghost
Olivia Mancini
Vaadat Charigim
Vertical Scratchers
The Coup
Outer Minds
No Regrets Coyote
Deleted Scenes
Tereu Tereu
The Blind Shake
Wet Nurse
Amanda X
Lecherous Gaze
Black Mekon
Endless Bummer
The Blind Shake
Grape Street
Pink Frost
Mutual Benefit
Fat Tony
Natural Child
Reigning Sound
The Blind Shake
Meat Market
Diarrhea Planet
Sweet Talk
Church Shoes
Big Tits
Vaadat Charigim
John Wesley Coleman
Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel
Burnt Ones
The Abigails
AJ Davila
The Coathangers
Fletcher C. Johnson
Bad Lovers
Curtis Harding
Gap Dream
The Wolf
Bad Sports
Liquor Store
Dikes of Holland

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DC Against The World Schedule Announced!

Here’s the finalized schedule for DC Against The World:

Doors at 11am — The New Movement Theater — 616 Lavaca St.
11:25-11:55am: Olivia Mancini [listen]
11:55-12:25pm: Vaadat Charigim [listen]
12:20-12:55pm: Audacity [listen]
12:55-1:30pm: Vertical Scratchers [listen]
1:30-2:10pm: The Coup [listen]
2:10-2:45pm: Hospitality [listen]
2:45-3:20pm: Blind Shake [listen]
3:20-3:55pm: No Regrets Coyote [listen]
3:55-4:30pm: Deleted Scenes [listen]
4:30-5:05pm: Tereu Tereu [listen
5:05-5:40pm: Outer Minds [listen]
5:40-6:00pm: Coeds [listen]

We’ll have free breakfast tacos to start the day, maybe more tacos in the afternoon, and free beer from the excellent Rogness Brewing Company throughout the day.

Go HERE to RSVP and register to win some Merge Records swag.

The poster:



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Like Merge Records? Like free stuff? Like RSVP’ing to awesome SXSW shows?

Then you should probably CLICK HERE NOW!!!

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DC Against The World – Thurs. 3/13

I’m unbelievably pleased to announce our 2014 SXSW show, DC Against The World. The show will take place at the New Movement Theater in downtown Austin, 616 Lavaca (6th and Lavaca), on Thursday, 3/13 from 11am to 6pm. We’ll have free beer from Rogness Brewing and free breakfast tacos from Taco Deli.

You can RSVP at Facebook or EventBrite.

You can see our beautiful poster below, designed by our talented friends at Itty Bitty Press in Richmond, Virginia.

You’ll also be able to listen to the show afterwards, as we’re partnering with the awesome folks at NYCTaper to record most of the bands playing. Speaking of which…

The Lineup:
The Coup (Oakland)
Hospitality (NYC)
Deleted Scenes (DC)
Vertical Scratchers (So. Cal.)
Tereu Tereu (DC)
The Blind Shake (Minneapolis)
Vaadat Charigim (Israel)
Audacity (So. Cal.)
No Regrets Coyote (NashvillE)
Olivia Mancini (DC)
Outer Minds (Chicago)
Coeds (DC/Austin/NYC)



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SXSW: Dirtnap Records Showcase [Sat.]

This was THE best show of SXSW last year, and with this lineup is sure to be amazing again. Don’t miss this.

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SXSW: Requiemme Management Showcase [Fri.]

RSVP here.

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VIDEO: Leatherbag, “Teenage Creeps”

If you’re headed to Austin for SXSW, there are two local Austin bands that you absolutely must catch while you’re there. (Well, to be honest, there’s a ton of great Austin bands you should catch, but these happen to be my favorites.) First, obviously, Quiet Company, who I rave about here and on Twitter constantly. And second, Leatherbag, who put out *two* of my favorite records last year.

For proof on the latter, check out their new video for the tune “Teenage Creeps” below. I’ll be posting show/set times for both of these bands as it gets closer to SXSW. You won’t want to miss them.

“Teenage Creeps” Music Video – Leatherbag from STUCK Productions on Vimeo.

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SXSW: Trouble in Mind Day Party

Another fantastic day party, this time from Chicago’s Trouble in Mind label. I’m particularly excited for the chance to see San Francisco’s The Wrong Words again. I saw them play out in L.A. when I was there for FYF Fest this past September, and I’ve been waiting for a chance to see them again. Also, you can’t go wrong with Mean Jeans, though I suspect their Saturday night set during the Dirtnap Records showcase will be more of a drunken mess (in a good way).

Saturday March 17th
Trailer Space Records
1401 Rosewood Ave.
Austin, Tx

12-12:30 : Hex Dispensers
12:45-1:15: Wheels On Fire
1:30-2:00 : The Mean Jeans
2:15-2:45 : The Wrong Words
3:00-3:30 : The Resonars
3:45-4:15 : Mikal Cronin
4:45-5:15 : Apache Dropout
5:30-6:00 : Night Beats

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SXSW: Paste Announces a Killer Lineup

SXSW day parties are finally starting to get announced, and Paste’s set of shows is an absolutely humdinger. Glen Hansard, The dBs, The Wedding Present, Built to Spill, Hospitality, Crooked Fingers and many, many more. Don’t be stupid – RSVP here.

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SXSW: PopAntiPop Sea Now!

Less than an hour after I finalize my SXSW schedule, and I get an email about this four day party featuring Carsick Cars, The Twilight Sad, A Place to Bury Strangers, Exene Cervenka and many, many more. Guess I have some work to do yet.

RSVP here.

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SXSW: Ice Cream Man Day Show

So psyched that I’m getting in early this year.

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SXSW: Ground Control Touring

I’ve fallen behind on my SXSW posting. I haven’t even started putting my own SXSW schedule together yet. I am way, way behind. These are some solid shows, though, and I’m gonna have to try to fit them in if I can.

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SXSW: Twangfest 2011

RSVP required here.

Twangfest and KDHX Day Parties at SXSW 2011 will be March 17 & 19 at Jovita’s in Austin.

Parties are free and open to public, but RSVP required. To RSVP please fill out the form below.

Jovita’s Mexican Restaurant
1617 South 1st Street
Austin, TX 78704-3046
(512) 447-7825

Confirmed Lineup for the Twangfest and KDHX Day Parties at SXSW 2011. Details on set times and indoor and outdoor stages TBA. Lineup subject to change.

Thursday, March 17, Noon-6 p.m.

The Baseball Project
Steve Wynn and the Miracle 3
The Hobart Brothers featuring Lil’ Sis Hobart (Jon Dee Graham, Freedy Johnston and Susan Cowsill)
Ha Ha Tonka
Strand of Oaks
Great Lake Swimmers
Marianne Dissard
Pretty Little Empire
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
Viva Voce
Zoe Muth and the Lost High Rollers

Saturday, March 19, Noon-6 p.m.

Thao With the Get Down Stay Down
Eddie Spaghetti (of Supersuckers)
Waco Brothers
Deano Waco and the Meat Purveyors
The Fleshtones
Freedy Johnston
Kentucky Knife Fight
Brothers Lazaroff
Sean Rowe
Caitlin Rose
Cobirds Unite (featuring Rachel Flotard and Rusty Willoughby)

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SXSW: Threadless/Schubas/Lincoln Hall

Always a great show, if not a little crowded.

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